Ather 450 Apex 

Tarun Mehta, Ather Energy's Co-founder and CEO, unveiled the development of a premium model in the 450 series, sharing glimpses of the upcoming e-scooter. 

Ather promises the updated 450 range to boast top-notch features, hinting at a higher price justified by superior performance. 

Ather teases the launch of its newest flagship electric scooter, the 450 Apex, set to debut next year. 

Mehta describes the 450 Apex as the epitome of refined performance, loaded with best-in-class features and worth the premium price. 

Community members were invited to test ride the 450 Apex, generating anticipation for its official launch next year. 

Expectations rise for a limited-run special edition variant of the 450 Apex, rumored to feature transparent body panels teased by Mehta. 

Ather is tight-lipped about the specific specifications of the 450 Apex, maintaining an air of mystery around its features. 

Apart from the 450 Apex, Ather is also working on an upcoming family electric scooter expected to be more affordable than its current lineup