Importance of quality sleep for physical and mental health is very important in our life.

New research reveals only (34%) of Australians are getting enough sleep.

85% of Aussies need closer to 8 hours for optimal function.

As part of its solutions, Audible Australia has launched a new Sleep Sounds series, which includes -

Dreamy Australian poetry narrated by Natalie Imbruglia. Water-based meditations by Cody Simpson. Bedtime stories read by Pallavi Sharda.

Calming audio like the new Sleep Sound series can be a helpful tool.

41% of Aussies already use audio content (audiobooks, meditations, podcasts) to aid sleep.

Improved sleep can lead to: Clearer thinking, Better mood and relationships, Reduced stress

This information highlights the issue of sleep deficiency in Australia and introduces a new sleep aid solution through Audible's Australian Sleep Sound series.