After the tremendous success of the film RRR, fans' expectations from S.S.Rajamouli have increased a lot. Rajamouli is the director of the film RRR.

Rajamouli has started shooting for his next film which is being called SSMB29.

There is news that Rajamouli will not take any fee to direct the film SAMB29.

According to the report of Koi, Rajamouli is associated with the profit sharing method. This means that some part of the profit made by the film will be given to Rajamouli.

S.S. Rajamouli is one of the expensive directors, he charges around Rs 100-150 crores for directing a film.

It is being told that the budget of the film SSMB29 is around Rs 1000 crores, that is why Rajamouli adopted the method of profit sharing by not taking any fees.

This will be Rajamouli's first film after RRR. The public is much waiting for the film made under the direction of Rajamouli.