Anjali Arora clarifies on Bigg Boss 17 rumors

Anjali Arora, known for her presence on Lock Upp, has stepped up to dispel the rumors swirling around her potential entry into Bigg Boss 17 as a wildcard participant. Taking to her Instagram story, she firmly addressed the speculation and clarified her standpoint. Anjali emphasized her individuality, stating that if she were to participate in any show, it would be on her terms, solely representing herself and her supporters, striving to bring pride to her family.

In her Instagram story, Anjali expressed, “Should I decide to join a show, I’ll do so independently, playing for my own sake and for the fans who support me. It’s about making my family proud on my merit.”

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While acknowledging the buzz surrounding potential participation, Anjali highlighted the importance of not associating her with anyone else in such discussions. She urged for respectful handling of information, advising the media against spreading baseless rumors that undermine the hard work of individuals. Anjali called for responsible reporting, emphasizing the need for considerate language and actions from media outlets.


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Emphasizing her autonomy, Anjali clarified that she would approach any show, including Bigg Boss 17, on her own merits, aiming to earn success independently without being tied to someone else’s influence. She reiterated her desire to make her family proud as her driving force.

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Anjali’s popularity surged following the viral reception of her Instagram reels. Since then, she has ventured into multiple music videos and made an appearance on the reality show, Lock Upp.

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