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Nissan CEO Affirms Unwavering Commitment to Electric Vehicles

In a resolute statement, the head of Nissan, Makoto Uchida, affirmed the company’s unwavering commitment to electric vehicles (EVs), asserting that there is no turning back from their electrification journey, despite recent policy changes in the UK government.

“More than a million customers have already joined our journey and experienced the fun of a Nissan electric vehicle,” Uchida proudly declared. “There is no turning back now,” he added.

Uchida’s statement comes in the wake of a controversial decision by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to delay the proposed ban on new petrol and diesel cars from 2030 to 2035, causing consternation among environmentalists and the automotive industry. Nevertheless, Uchida remained steadfast, asserting that this delay would not deter the UK from its ambitious goal of achieving net-zero carbon emissions by the middle of the century.

To mark the 20th anniversary of Nissan’s design studio in London’s Paddington area, the company unveiled its new 20-23 Concept car on Monday.

Uchida also made a bold promise, stating, “Nissan will make the switch to full electric by 2030 in Europe,” emphasizing that it is not only the right decision for their business but also for their customers and the planet.

Nissan, in partnership with France’s Renault, had already announced in February their accelerated move toward electrification, with a target of achieving 98 percent of electric or hybrid vehicle sales in Europe by 2027. Moreover, Nissan is steadfastly committed to achieving 100 percent EV sales in Europe by 2030, with all new models on the European mainland being all-electric from that date.

On a global scale, Nissan plans to introduce 19 all-electric vehicles by the end of this decade. Additionally, the company aims to implement cobalt-free battery technology by 2028, reducing the cost of EV batteries by a significant 65 percent.

The decision by the UK government to delay the ban on internal combustion engine sales drew criticism from the British car manufacturing lobby group, the SMMT, which stated that it had caused “confusion and uncertainty” in the sector. However, Nissan remains unwavering in its commitment to the electric future of transportation.

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