Joy e-Bike Launches Hydrogen Powered Bike!

The electric vehicle market in India is growing rapidly, and now a new dimension has been added to it – hydrogen-powered scooters! Recently at the India Mobility Expo 2024, Joy E-Bike introduced the concept of its first hydrogen powered electric two-wheeler. This special scooter is not only environment friendly, but its features are also amazing.

Magic of Hydrogen: Hydrogen fuel cell has been used in this scooter instead of traditional lithium ion battery. The reaction of oxygen with hydrogen produces electricity, which propels the scooter. In this process only water is released, which does not cause pollution!

Fast and Durable: Joy E-Bike claims that this hydrogen scooter can run up to 255 kilometers on a single fuel fill. However its speed is 25 kmph which is slightly less. This is because it has been designed for school children and people of more advanced age group.


  • Environment Friendly: The hydrogen fuel cell produces completely zero emissions, making it a great choice for eco-conscious people.
  • Long Range: Once fueled, this scooter can travel a long distance (255 km), so you don’t have to worry about frequent stops.
  • Low Maintenance: This technology has fewer moving parts, thereby reducing maintenance costs.

Glimpse of the future: This scooter is just a concept right now, but it hints that hydrogen technology could take electric vehicles to new heights in the future. As environmental awareness is increasing, hydrogen-powered vehicles can emerge as a sustainable option.

What do you think? How can hydrogen technology change the future of electric vehicles in India? Please share your opinion in the comments!

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