Kymco’s New i-Tuber: The Ultimate Multi-Purpose Electric Scooter

The i-Tuber from Kymco isn’t your ordinary electric scooter. It’s built to be the go-to solution for various needs, whether you’re commuting to work, doing grocery runs, or navigating through city streets. This innovative electric scooter is designed to redefine convenience and practicality in urban mobility.

Electric scooters and bikes have been transforming how we move around cities. From everyday commutes to fulfilling specific tasks, the demand for versatile two-wheelers is on the rise. Kymco, a reputable name in the scooter industry, has introduced the i-Tuber at EICMA 2023, aiming to set new standards for functionality and usefulness.

Despite its quirky name and appearance, the i-Tuber is packed with features focused on three key aspects: Comfort, Performance, and Utility. Kymco prioritizes rider comfort with an ergonomically designed saddle, ensuring a comfortable experience even during long rides. Its high ground clearance and sturdy frame make it adaptable to various road conditions, including bumpy or pothole-ridden streets. Safety-wise, the scooter is equipped with bright LED lights for enhanced visibility during night rides.

In terms of performance, the i-Tuber boasts a 4,000-watt rear hub motor. Although its top speed is limited to 70 kilometers per hour (44 miles per hour), the scooter’s Ionex technology delivers an impressive range of 130 kilometers (81 miles) on a single charge.

What truly sets the i-Tuber apart is its utility features. Kymco plans to launch a specialized cargo model called the i-Tuber Carry, catering specifically to business needs. This model will come with a front luggage rack capable of carrying substantial loads, along with a spacious rear rack compatible with various accessories. Additionally, the standard i-Tuber will offer a wide array of practical accessories to suit different needs.

In essence, the i-Tuber by Kymco isn’t just an electric scooter; it’s a versatile companion tailored to meet the demands of urban life, whether it’s for personal commuting or handling business requirements. Its blend of comfort, performance, and utility makes it a promising choice for anyone seeking a multi-functional electric ride.

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