2025 Audi Q6 E-Tron Interior Revealed With Front Passenger Display

Audi’s Innovation: Unveiling the Future of Electric Vehicles

In a world that’s rapidly embracing electric mobility, Audi has taken a giant leap forward by introducing the 2025 Audi Q6 E-Tron. This groundbreaking electric vehicle (EV) isn’t just about zero emissions and cutting-edge technology; it’s a testament to Audi’s commitment to redefining the driving experience. With its interior revealed and technology showcased, the Q6 E-Tron promises to set new standards for electric SUVs.

A New Era of Interior Design

Audi Q6 E-Tron interior

Audi has always been synonymous with luxurious interiors, and the Q6 E-Tron doesn’t disappoint. The interior design of this EV is a testament to Audi’s dedication to user experience. The Premium Platform Electric (PPE) and E3 electronics architecture serve as the foundation for this reimagined interior. It’s a blend of technology, aesthetics, and sustainability, all seamlessly integrated.

The Digital Stage

At the heart of the Q6 E-Tron’s interior is what Audi aptly calls the “digital stage.” This includes the Audi MMI panoramic display and the MMI front passenger display. The former boasts a curved design and OLED technology, consisting of the 11.9-inch Audi virtual cockpit and the 14.5-inch MMI touch display. But what’s truly remarkable is the 10.9-inch display for the front passenger, designed to enhance the overall experience without distracting the driver. With an active privacy mode, it’s perfect for watching movies or assisting the driver with navigation.

Augmented Reality Head-Up Display

Audi Q6 E-Tron infotainment system

For those who crave even more innovation, Audi offers an optional augmented reality (AR) head-up display. This feature reflects a large, tilted image plane across the windshield, providing vital information like speed, traffic signs, and navigation icons. It’s a glimpse into the future of driving.

Interaction Light (IAL)

Audi doesn’t stop at displays; they’ve introduced the Interaction Light (IAL). This curved LED strip not only adds a futuristic touch to the interior but also serves essential functions, including displaying vehicle status, enhancing safety with dynamic turn signals, and indicating charging status.

AI-Powered Voice Assistant

“Hey Audi” is all you need to activate the AI-powered voice assistant, now equipped with an avatar. This digital assistant continuously learns from your behavior to provide proactive suggestions, smart routines, and intelligent lists. It’s like having a personal assistant on board, making your driving experience more convenient and enjoyable.

Connectivity Redefined

The Q6 E-Tron introduces a new infotainment platform based on Android Automotive, developed in collaboration with Volkswagen Group’s software company, Cariad. This ensures seamless connectivity and access to a wide range of apps and features.

Spacious and Practical

Beyond the tech wizardry, the Q6 E-Tron offers a spacious and practical interior. Thanks to the PPE platform, it maximizes interior space, providing ample storage areas and trays. The center console features two cupholders, a cell phone charging tray, and two smartphone charging ports. Additionally, the absence of a center tunnel enhances legroom, and the rear center seat is exceptionally comfortable.

Storage Galore

If you’re a fan of road trips or shopping sprees, the Q6 E-Tron’s storage capacity won’t disappoint. The trunk offers 18.6 cubic feet of storage space, expandable to 54 cubic feet when you fold down the rear seats in a versatile 40:20:40 split. There’s even a frunk (front trunk) that adds 2.3 cubic feet of storage space, perfect for storing a mobile charging cable and smaller travel bags.

Sustainability at Its Core

Audi’s commitment to sustainability extends to the Q6 E-Tron’s interior materials. From Dinamica microfiber to Elastic Melange fabric and Econyl, recycled materials are used extensively. However, if you’re a fan of classic luxury, fear not; the cabin also features fine Nappa leather with diamond stitching, sweetgum and birch wood trim, and brushed aluminum.

Coming Soon

The Q6 E-Tron is set to fully debut in 2024, with sales expected later that year as a 2025 model. It represents not only Audi’s technological prowess but also its vision for the future of electric mobility.

In conclusion, the 2025 Audi Q6 E-Tron’s interior is more than just a cabin; it’s a digital sanctuary. With cutting-edge technology, a spacious layout, and a commitment to sustainability, it’s a glimpse into the future of electric vehicles.


1. When will the 2025 Audi Q6 E-Tron be available for purchase?

Audi plans to fully reveal the Q6 E-Tron in 2024, with sales expected to commence later that year as a 2025 model.

2. What is the standout feature of the Q6 E-Tron’s interior?

The Q6 E-Tron’s interior is defined by its advanced technology, including the “digital stage” with OLED displays and the AI-powered voice assistant.

3. Does the Q6 E-Tron prioritize sustainability in its materials?

Yes, Audi has incorporated recycled materials like Dinamica microfiber, Elastic Melange fabric, and Econyl into the interior design, aligning with its sustainability goals.

4. What is the storage capacity of the Q6 E-Tron?

The Q6 E-Tron offers 18.6 cubic feet of trunk space, expandable to 54 cubic feet with the rear seats folded down, along with additional storage in the frunk.

5. How does the augmented reality (AR) head-up display work in the Q6 E-Tron?

The AR head-up display reflects important information on the windshield, including speed, traffic signs, and navigation icons, enhancing the driver’s awareness.


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