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Acer Ventures into Electric Vehicles, Unveils MUVI-125-4G Bike in Partnership with eBikeGo

Acer, the renowned tech behemoth acclaimed for its cutting-edge PCs, has ventured into the electric vehicle realm with its inaugural offering in India. The MUVI 125 4G marks the fruit of an illustrious collaboration with eBikeGo, an Indian electric mobility trailblazer.

The electric vehicle (EV) movement is gaining remarkable momentum, with an array of enterprises stepping up to proffer innovative, sustainable mobility solutions. The latest entrant into this burgeoning landscape is none other than Acer, the eminent Taiwanese tech juggernaut celebrated for its PC innovations and premium accessories. Acer has chosen the auspicious platform of the ongoing e-mobility exposition in Greater Noida to unveil its maiden electric bike, christened the MUVI 125 4G. This historic stride represents Acer’s inaugural foray into the promising EV sector, marking a momentous milestone in its corporate journey.

The freshly minted electric two-wheeler has been meticulously crafted with the quintessential Indian commuter in mind, epitomizing efficiency, elegance, and ecological conscientiousness. The MUVI 125 4G is the offspring of a synergistic alliance between Acer and the Indian electric mobility titan, eBikeGo. Notably, this marks the first instance where the revered Acer emblem graces an automotive product. The bike’s architectural finesse can be attributed to the expertise of eBikeGo, a pioneering entity actively championing sustainable urban mobility solutions within the Indian subcontinent.

Irfan Khan, the visionary founder and CEO of eBikeGo, underscores that the Acer-eBikeGo partnership is firmly rooted in a shared vision for a sustainable, verdant future. In a hushed and confidential long-term accord, eBikeGo is entrusted with spearheading the gamut of tasks encompassing development, marketing, and customer support for an extensive portfolio of Acer-branded electric vehicles, comprising eBikes, eScooters, and eTrikes.

The Muvi-126-4G is a paragon of precision engineering, leveraging state-of-the-art European technology, all while being proudly “Made in India.” In an illuminating hands-on experience at the exhibition, we had the privilege of putting this vehicle through its paces. Our findings affirm that the vehicle offers an impeccably smooth ride, ideally suited for navigating narrow urban byways and diverse terrains.

The ebike’s hallmark features encompass swappable battery technology, potentially revolutionizing the landscape of extended journeys. The lightweight, yet resolutely sturdy frame facilitates nimble maneuverability, complemented by 16-inch wheels that bestow unwavering stability and safety. This technological marvel boasts a commendable top speed of up to 75 kmph and a generous range extending up to 80 kilometers.

While the MUV-125-4G serves as the inaugural stride, the Acer-eBikeGo collaboration is poised to unleash an array of two and three-wheeled electric vehicles under the Acer marque. The precise details regarding pricing and availability of this groundbreaking bike are yet to be unveiled.

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