All-New Hyundai Kona EV’s Production has started

Hyundai has officially commenced production of the all-new Kona Electric at its manufacturing facility in the Czech Republic. In the inaugural year, the company aims to produce over 20,000 units of the new Kona Electric. This plays a pivotal role in Hyundai’s commitment to exclusively offer zero-emission vehicles across Europe by 2035. Notably, the second-generation Kona’s primary focus is on the electric version, aligning with Hyundai’s electrification strategy that encompasses the introduction of eleven new EVs to the market by 2030.

Tailored for the European Market

In 2020, the first-generation Kona became Hyundai’s inaugural electric vehicle to be crafted in Europe. The choice to supplement the supply from Hyundai’s Ulsan plant in South Korea with production in the Czech Republic effectively decreased delivery durations for European customers. The approach remains consistent with the second-generation rendition.

Manufacturing Operations in the Czech Republic

Hyundai anticipates that the Kona Electric will account for 15 percent of the plant’s overall production by the latter part of 2023. This projection is partly attributable to its extended availability across 20 additional countries, expanding the existing market of 22 European nations. By the conclusion of this year, the target is to manufacture 21,000 units, with an additional 50,000 planned for the subsequent year. Notably, the Kona Electric will now be assembled in the Czech Republic with right-hand drive configuration to cater to the UK, Ireland, and Cyprus markets.

Broadening the Horizons for the Electric Model

The Kona Electric will also venture into new markets, including Turkey and Israel, in addition to the Reunion and Guadalupe islands. The Czech-based production facility will continue offering two variations with distinct battery capacities. The 65.4-kWh battery pack is coupled with a 160kW electric motor, boasting an estimated range of 514km as per the WLTP standard. On the other hand, the base version features a 48.4-kWh battery pack paired with a 114.6kW electric motor, providing a WLTP-claimed range of 377km.

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