Call centres, hawala, celebs: How Mahadev app earned ₹200 crore per day illegally

In a shocking revelation, the Enforcement Directorate unearthed a massive illegal operation orchestrated by the Mahadev betting app, leading to the summoning of Bollywood icons Ranbir Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor. The agency’s investigation exposed a labyrinthine network of deceit, involving call centres, hawala transactions, and even celebrities. Let’s delve into the sinister depths of this illicit empire.

The Art of Deception: Luring New Customers

Operating from Dubai, Mahadev’s masterminds, Saurabh Chandrakar and Ravi Uppal, ingeniously lured new customers through an elaborate web of deceit. They created multiple websites and exclusive chat groups, employing enticing paid advertisements on social media platforms. Prospective users were encouraged to contact the app’s representatives via WhatsApp. A crafty customer care executive would then assist in setting up a User ID, paving the way for gambling transactions.

Rigged Games and Benami Accounts

Mahadev’s diabolical strategy extended to rigged games and fraudulent accounts. The company ensured its profitability by manipulating games to avoid losses, while unsuspecting users fell victim to mounting losses. Moreover, all financial transactions were carried out through benami accounts, adding an additional layer of complexity to their nefarious operations.

Expanding Illicit Operations: The Network of Call Centres

Mahadev’s reach extended far beyond its Dubai headquarters. The company established an extensive network of call centres across Malaysia, Thailand, India, and the UAE. These call centres operated ceaselessly, creating subsidiary apps and websites, and engaging with customers 24/7. The scale of the operation was staggering, with transactions amounting to thousands of crores on a daily basis, resulting in an astonishing daily profit of ₹200 crore, as per the Enforcement Directorate’s findings.

The Unholy Alliance: Nexus of Police, Bureaucrats, and Politicians

To shield their illicit activities from law enforcement agencies, Mahadev’s operators formed alliances with individuals in positions of power. Police officers, politicians, and bureaucrats were roped in as stakeholders in the syndicate, ensuring that the app remained under the radar. Hawala transactions facilitated the transfer of funds offshore, further obscuring the money trail and enabling the operation to continue unabated.

Bollywood’s Complicity: A Web of Celebrity Connections

The scandal took a surreal turn when Bollywood celebrities became entangled in Mahadev’s web of deceit. Ranbir Kapoor, Shraddha Kapoor, Kapil Sharma, Hina Khan, and other actors were implicated for their involvement in a lavish Dubai wedding, paid for through hawala transactions. Furthermore, Ranbir Kapoor faced accusations of promoting one of the apps associated with the syndicate. The Enforcement Directorate’s scrutiny of these celebrities aimed to unravel the intricate threads connecting them to the tainted money.

In conclusion, the Mahadev betting app’s audacious escapade exemplifies the depths of criminal ingenuity. From deceiving unsuspecting users and establishing an extensive network of call centres to enlisting the support of celebrities and influential figures, the operation was a testament to the brazen audacity of its perpetrators. As law enforcement agencies relentlessly pursue justice, this case serves as a chilling reminder of the lengths to which criminal enterprises will go to evade the law and amass staggering profits.

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