Chirag Suri confirms that Sara Tendulkar and Shubman Gill are going to get married.

In the ever-curious world of celebrity relationships, the spotlight has once again shifted to the rumored romance between Sara Tendulkar and Shubman Gill. Despite Sara Ali Khan’s denial of any romantic involvement with the cricketer, speculation persists. Recently, UAE cricketer Chirag Suri added fuel to the gossip fire during a podcast interview, suggesting that wedding bells might be in the air for the duo.

Chirag Suri confirmed the relationship

In a surprising turn of events, Chirag Suri spilled the beans on Sara and Shubman’s relationship, asserting that they might be on the path to marriage. The revelation occurred during a podcast, where Suri discussed how Sara’s life would forever revolve around cricket, first with her legendary father, Sachin Tendulkar, and now with Shubman Gill. The video of this revelation quickly went viral, sparking a wave of reactions on social media.

Social Media’s Reaction

As the news circulated, social media became a hotbed of opinions. While some netizens expressed excitement over the potential union, others criticized Chirag for disclosing private information without the couple’s consent. One user questioned the appropriateness of Suri’s revelation, stating, ‘How can he spill the truth like that?’ Another echoed similar sentiments, mentioning, ‘I love them, but it was not right from Chirag’s side to say things like that without their permission.’

Shubman Gill Reaction: Unfollowing Chirag Suri on Instagram

Interestingly, a few keen observers noted that Shubman Gill unfollowed Chirag Suri on Instagram following the video’s viral spread. This digital gesture fueled further speculation about the authenticity of the information shared by Suri. Social media platforms buzzed with discussions on the dynamics between the trio and how this revelation might impact their relationships, both personal and professional.

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Sara Ali Khan’s Clarification

Adding another layer to the story, Sara Ali Khan, during a recent appearance on ‘Koffee with Karan,’ dismissed the rumors surrounding her and Shubman Gill. With a touch of humor, she quipped, ‘You’ve got the wrong Sara, guys.’ This lighthearted denial added a twist to the ongoing saga, leaving fans intrigued about the true nature of the relationship between Sara Tendulkar and Shubman Gill.

Sara Tendulkar’s Appearance at Wankhede Stadium

The rumor mill gained momentum when Sara Tendulkar was spotted at the World Cup match between India and Sri Lanka at Mumbai’s Wankhede Stadium. Her visible distress following Shubman Gill’s dismissal only intensified speculations about a romantic connection between the two. The paparazzi and fans alike couldn’t help but wonder if this public appearance hinted at a deeper, unspoken bond.


In the unpredictable realm of celebrity relationships, the saga of Sara Tendulkar and Shubman Gill continues to captivate the public’s imagination. Chirag Suri’s revelation, social media reactions, and the subsequent Instagram fallout have added layers of complexity to this unfolding narrative. As fans eagerly await further developments, it remains to be seen whether the rumored romance will indeed culminate in wedding vows. Until then, the speculation and intrigue surrounding this celebrity duo are likely to endure, keeping fans hooked on every twist and turn in this captivating tale of love and cricket.

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