Cruise Origin: Honda GM Partnership to Launch Driverless Ride-Hail Service in Japan in 2026

In a groundbreaking move towards the future of mobility, Honda Motor Company, a leading name in the automotive industry, has joined hands with General Motors to introduce the Cruise Origin autonomous vehicles to the vibrant streets of Japan. This innovative collaboration is poised to revolutionize the concept of ride-hailing services, ushering in an era of driver-less, autonomous mobility solutions.

Honda’s Vision for Holistic Mobility

At the recent Japan Mobility Show, Honda’s President and CEO, Toshihiro Mibe, unveiled the Cruise Origin, a remarkable feat of autonomous driving technology. Mibe passionately spoke about Honda’s commitment to transcending constraints like time and place, envisioning a future where mobility empowers people and enhances their abilities.

Cruise Origin: Redefining Private Travel Experience

Cruise Origin

The Cruise Origin stands as a testament to Honda’s dedication to providing unparalleled mobility experiences. This autonomous vehicle offers complete privacy, liberating users to utilize their travel time as they see fit. Whether it’s conducting business meetings or enjoying quality family time, the Cruise Origin ensures a seamless and private journey.

Honda CI-MEV

In addition to the Cruise Origin, Honda is set to introduce the ‘Honda CI-MEV,’ a cutting-edge self-driving micro-mobility vehicle tailored for last-mile mobility. This compact marvel is designed to navigate urban landscapes efficiently, offering a sustainable solution for short-distance travel.

Generative AI

Honda’s innovation extends beyond autonomous driving; the company is harnessing the power of generative AI to fuel creativity. Designers at Honda are utilizing generative AI to craft futuristic mobility solutions, setting the stage for visually stunning and technologically advanced vehicles.

Prelude Concept

Honda’s commitment to sporty vehicles takes a significant leap with the electric sports car Prelude Concept. More than just a car, it symbolizes the ‘joy of driving’ in the electrified future. The term ‘prelude’ encapsulates its role: an introductory performance heralding a new era of electrified, sports-focused Honda models.

Sustainable Innovation

In its pursuit of sustainable practices, Honda showcased the ‘SUSTAINA-C Concept,’ a car crafted from recycled and reused acrylic resin. This initiative reflects Honda’s dedication to environmental conservation, promoting eco-conscious manufacturing and design.

Taking Flight: Honda’s Vision for Seamless Travel

Expanding horizons, Honda unveiled the ‘Honda eVTOL,’ an electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft, and the ‘HondaJet.’ These aerial innovations seamlessly integrate with ground mobility systems, envisioning a future where people travel freely not just on roads but also in the skies and over water bodies.


The partnership between Honda and General Motors signifies a monumental step toward redefining mobility in Japan. With visionary concepts like the Cruise Origin, Honda CI-MEV, generative AI-driven designs, and eco-friendly initiatives, Honda is steering the industry into a future where mobility is not just efficient but also sustainable and enjoyable. As we approach 2026, the prospect of driver-less ride-hailing services and innovative mobility solutions paints a promising picture of a connected, autonomous, and eco-conscious world, where the joy of driving knows no bounds.


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