Ather 450x battery price and replacement cost

Ather 450x battery price: The battery price of Ather 450x gen 1, gen 2 and gen 3 is Rs 48000, Rs 84500, and Rs 94500 respectively. Whose service cost is Rs 1000.

Ather is India’s second largest electric two wheeler manufacturer. Its popular electric scooters are 450s and 450x. The Ather 450x comes with two battery options and is known for its stylish design, long range and powerful performance. Let us know about the battery price and replacement cost of Ather 450x.

Ather 450x battery capacity

Ather 450x is the most popular and high range performing electric scooter of Ather energy. It comes in two battery options with medium and high range.

Ather 450x (1st Gen)1.9 kWh
Ather 450x (2nd Gen)2.9 kWh
Ather 450x (3rd Gen)3.7 kWh

Battery Technology

The company claims that the Ather’s battery has been tested by driving more than 1.1 billion km in all types of weather conditions and geographies. Lithium ion cell has been used in Ather 450x. According to the company, the industry’s smartest battery management system has been used in it. Which makes it reliable and better. It has got IP 67 rating for protection against water and dust.

Ather 450x battery price

A YouTuber had uploaded a vlog of battery replacement of his 1.5 year old Ather 450x electric scooter on his YouTube channel named Pradeep On Wheels. In which YouTuber has revealed the Ather 450x battery price with warranty period and without warranty period.

According to the YouTuber, he has a 1st gen electric scooter. After battery replacement, the owner was given a battery replacement bill, in which the total replacement cost of ather 450x was Rs 49000, out of which Rs 48000 was battery cost and Rs 1000 was service cost. However, the customer did not have to pay the bill as the battery was in the warranty period.

After this, YouTuber asked the dealer about the battery price of other gen of Ather 450x, on which the dealer told the price of second gen and third gen of Ather 450x as Rs 84500 and Rs 94500 respectively. Let us tell you that the battery capacity of all three gen is different, that is why there is such a difference in the battery price of all three gen.

Ather 450x (1st Gen)Rs 48000
Ather 450x (2nd Gen)Rs 84500
Ather 450x (3rd Gen)Rs 94500
Ather 450x battery price

When can the battery be replaced during the warranty period?

If your electric scooter is in the warranty period and the performance of your scooter battery has fallen by 70% then you can make a warranty claim on your ather scooter battery. You will not have to pay any price for the battery of Ather 450x when it is in warranty period.

Battery Warranty

You get a warranty of 3 years or 30,000 km (whichever is earlier) on the battery of Ather 450x. If you take Pro Pack, then its battery gets a warranty of 5 years or 60000 km (whichever is completed first).

Service cost

As you know, changing the battery of electric scooters is not a very difficult task. You can change the battery of swappable electric scooter yourself at home, but battery replacement of Ather scooter is a bit technical for which you will have to go to the service center. According to the blogger, you may have to pay a service charge of up to Rs 1000.

Ather 450x battery replacement cost

Owner Service Experience

The vlogger also faced some problems during the battery replacement which was a bad experience for a user.

  • Lack of communication: Not being able to provide accurate information about how long a battery replacement would take was a bad experience for the user. There was no update for 3 weeks as to what happened to its battery and when it would be replaced.
  • Delay in battery replacement: ather scooter owner said that it took 45 days for his battery replacement which is a very long time.
  • Lack of temporary vehicle: Despite staying at the scooter service center for 45 days, no temporary vehicle was provided to him for use.

Advice for buyers

  • Battery Warranty: You should pay special attention to the warranty period and term conditions offered on the battery.
  • Battery Replacement Cost: The most important thing that you should consider when buying a battery is the cost of the battery.
  • Buyer Reviews: Before purchasing, be sure to read reviews and experiences from other users.
  • Authorized Dealer: Always buy the scooter from an authorized dealer and get the battery replacement done.
  • Regular Maintenance: Follow regular maintenance recommended by the manufacturer to extend battery life.


The high cost of the Ather 450X battery is a concern, especially after the warranty expires. Buyers should read the battery warranty and replacement policy carefully before purchasing an electric scooter.

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