Electric motorcycle Arc Vector Signature Edition hits the US market

In an exclusive move, Arc, the renowned UK-based electric motorcycle manufacturer, is making its grand entrance into the North American market with the limited-release Vector Founder’s Signature Edition. Only two fortunate enthusiasts will ever have the opportunity to own this exquisite electric masterpiece.

The Vector’s Remarkable Journey

Arc’s flagship electric motorcycle, the Vector, has been a subject of fascination and excitement within the industry. Despite some prior uncertainties surrounding the brand, Arc has persisted and is now poised for a triumphant debut in North America, marked by the unveiling of the Founder’s Signature Edition.

A Masterpiece Crafted by Mark Truman

Arc’s founder and CEO, Mark Truman, has taken personal charge of the design and specification of this exclusive collector’s edition. With only two units available, owning one will be a rare privilege.

Elevating the World’s Most Advanced Motorcycle

The Vector already claims the title of the “world’s most advanced motorcycle,” and the Founder’s Signature Edition takes it even further. This exceptional edition features a carbon fiber monocoque chassis, body panels, and wheels, elevating it to the realm of supercars in terms of forged carbon usage.

Luxury in Every Detail

The Founder’s Signature Edition boasts stunning Rose Gold paint accents throughout its bodywork, complemented by meticulously handcrafted etched leather saddle and handlebar grips. Its aesthetics are further enhanced by blacked-out Öhlins suspension hardware, reflecting a sleek and elegant design. The crowning glory is Mark Truman’s signature, featured prominently in multiple locations on the bike, underscoring its uniqueness.

Mark Truman’s Vision

Mark Truman expressed his excitement about the North American launch, stating, “We are thrilled to be launching in North America and so wanted to do something extraordinary to mark the occasion. In terms of specification, I really wanted to throw the kitchen sink at it and push the levels of personalization and create something truly bespoke. It’s an honor to be part of Arc, it’s such a magical business, so to have my name on two of the bikes feels incredibly special.”

Cutting-Edge Technology

The Vector is equipped with a CCS1 Combo charging socket, ensuring compatibility with US fast-charging standards. Its impressive performance is driven by an 87-kilowatt electric motor, delivering a robust 117 horsepower and 128 pound-feet of torque. Thanks to its powerful motor, instantaneous throttle response, and single-speed belt-driven transmission, the bike can reach a top speed of 124 miles per hour.

Pricing and Availability

While Arc has not disclosed the price of the Founder’s Signature Edition, it is expected to carry a premium over the standard Vector’s already extravagant $128,000 MSRP. For further details about this exceptional motorcycle and Arc’s other offerings, please visit their official website.

Don’t miss the chance to own a piece of automotive history with the Vector Founder’s Signature Edition. Act swiftly, as only two lucky individuals will have the privilege of owning this remarkable masterpiece.


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