Elon Musk Set to Unveil Animated AI Chatbot ‘Grok’ for X Premium+ Subscribers Next Week

Elon Musk, the owner of X, is gearing up to launch an exciting AI chatbot called Grok, aiming to revolutionize user interactions. Grok will be exclusively available to subscribers of X’s Premium+ service. Musk teased the imminent arrival of Grok, confirming its release for Premium+ users starting next week. A recent revelation by app researcher Nima Owji showcased sneak peeks of Grok’s seamless integration into X’s online application, accessible through twitter.com/i/grok. These previews hinted at invitations for non-Premium+ subscribers to upgrade their accounts in order to access Grok, featuring a “Ask Grok” text entry box for user engagement.

Your Unique AI Companion

Grok, the AI Chatbot, emerged on November 4 as Elon Musk’s response to existing AI chatbots like ChatGPT and Bard. Positioned as a pivotal addition to X’s expansive social network, Grok is expected to attract a wider user base, as reported by TechCrunch.

Developed by Musk’s startup xAI, Grok is promised to be a more animated and witty alternative to its competitors. It’s designed to handle unconventional and even “spicy” queries, standing out with its unique personality. Beyond its character, Grok stands out due to its real-time access to information within the X platform, promising quicker and more informed responses.

This strategic move aligns with X’s recent overhaul of its Premium service, now offering three tiers: the existing $8 per month X Premium subscription, a $3 per month Basic subscription retaining ads, and the $16 per month Premium+ subscription, which removes all ads from the For You and Following feeds. The platform revamp also includes the Creator Hub, empowering users to monetize their content and offer subscriptions to their audience.

Expanding X’s User Base Through Grok

Grok’s exclusivity within the Premium+ tier aims to attract a broader audience, extending beyond content creators. This move could potentially counterbalance X’s recent loss of advertisers due to concerns over controversial content and actions by Musk.

Interestingly, Grok’s debut coincides with a significant week for rival AI startup OpenAI, which witnessed Microsoft hiring President Greg Brockman and CEO Sam Altman. Altman’s return as CEO marked the conclusion of a turbulent week at OpenAI.


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