Interview: Paresh Rawal Reveals Hera Pheri 3 Details, Talks About Film Choices

Paresh Rawal, known for his versatile roles and impactful performances in Indian cinema, recently shared insights into his diverse film choices in an exclusive conversation with Hindustan Times. From his challenging role in “Shastry Virudh Shastry” to his thoughts on family-oriented films, Rawal’s perspective sheds light on his distinct approach to cinema.

Paresh Rawal’s Role in “Shastry Virudh Shastry”

Rawal delves into the challenge of stepping into Soumitra Chatterjee’s shoes for the Hindi remake of “Posto.” He expresses his admiration for Chatterjee’s acting prowess and reveals his intentional decision to avoid watching the original film to prevent undue influence on his portrayal.

Emphasis on Family-Oriented Films

The actor highlights his inclination towards clean, family-centric films and expresses disdain for vulgar content. He emphasizes the importance of relatable, family-oriented narratives, particularly considering the challenging times families faced during the lockdown.

Perspective on Working with Regional Actors

Rawal’s experience working with Bengali actors, including Mimi Chakraborty, emphasizes camaraderie and mutual respect, transcending any potential barriers, such as political differences or language barriers. He emphasizes the learning experience while collaborating with regional talents.

Upcoming Projects: Hera Pheri 3 and Welcome 3

The anticipation builds as Rawal discloses details about the much-awaited sequels, “Hera Pheri 3” and “Welcome 3.” He shares insights into the shooting schedules and expected release dates, sparking excitement among fans eagerly awaiting these blockbuster films.

Insights on Awards and Recognition

Rawal’s nonchalant approach towards awards and acclaim becomes evident as he downplays their significance, preferring acknowledgment from knowledgeable individuals over formal awards. He critiques the subjective nature of evaluating performances for awards in the film industry.

Rawal’s Stand on Bollywood Camps

Reflecting on his extensive career spanning over 240 films, Rawal takes pride in navigating his journey without affiliations to any Bollywood camps or controversies. He emphasizes the importance of staying true to one’s talent and values in a competitive industry.

Conclusion: Rawal’s Proud Career and Values

In conclusion, Rawal reflects on his career’s integrity, expressing satisfaction in achieving success through talent and audience appreciation. His unwavering stance on avoiding controversies and camps stands as a testament to his commitment and values in Bollywood.


1. Is Hera Pheri 3 confirmed?

Yes, Paresh Rawal confirmed Hera Pheri 3, stating the shoot is scheduled to begin next year, with a likely release towards the end of 2024.

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