Mahindra BE.05 Electric SUV’s First Look and Launch Details

In an electrifying event on August 15th in Cape Town, South Africa, Mahindra and Mahindra took center stage. Amidst the excitement, the company introduced the world to Thar.e and Scorpio N Pik Up, along with the agile OJA tractors. Beyond these highlights, a major revelation emerged—the launch timeline for their four upcoming electric SUVs: XUV.e8, XUV.e9, BE.05, and BE.07. Among them, the BE.05 is creating significant buzz after its initial concept reveal on London’s Independence Day last year.

Revving Up Anticipation: BE.05 Electric SUV Spotted Testing, Set to Debut in October 2025

The BE.05 electric SUV has already been creating ripples on Indian roads, tantalizing auto enthusiasts with its upcoming debut. The official unveiling is set to take place by October 2025, igniting a surge of anticipation.

Sleek Design and Captivating Features: A Glimpse of the BE.05 Electric SUV

Captivating the spotlight during the recent event, the BE.05 electric SUV showcases a stunning panoramic glass roof that adds a touch of grandeur to the driving experience. While its roof’s functionality is yet to be disclosed, it promises an immersive journey. The design’s elegance extends to its sculpted bonnet, while a roof-mounted split spoiler and LED lightbar-adorned tailgate redefine the rear’s aesthetics.

Discover the Futuristic Interior: BE.05’s Cabin and Technology

Taking a glimpse into the interior of the BE.05 reveals a flawlessly integrated wraparound design, encompassing dual screens that act as the central point for contemporary connectivity and driving data. The infotainment system finds its place on one screen, while the other transforms into an intuitive instrument cluster, delivering crucial insights to the driver.

The Illuminating Presence: BE.05’s LED DRLs and Stylish Upgrades

Mahindra’s BE.05 electric SUV boasts distinctive C-shaped LED Daytime Running Lights (DRLs) that lend a futuristic flair. The vehicle also receives a facelift with updated front and rear bumpers, along with the allure of multi-spoke alloy wheels.

Empowering Performance Choices: BE.05’s Versatility and Power

Hinged on Mahindra’s INGLO platform, the BE.05 offers buyers the freedom to opt for either a 2WD (Two-Wheel Drive) or a 4WD (Four-Wheel Drive) configuration. The SUV sources its motors from Volkswagen, providing formidable performance options. For 2WD models, the rear-mounted motor generates an impressive 283 bhp and 535Nm. Meanwhile, 4WD variants gain an extra front axle motor, contributing 108 bhp and 135 Nm of torque.

A Symphony of Innovation: Mahindra BE.05 Electric SUV’s Fusion of Technology and Performance

The Mahindra BE.05 electric SUV emerges as a symphony of innovation, uniting cutting-edge features, advanced technology, and dynamic performance to conquer diverse terrains and conditions. Get ready to embrace the future of driving.


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