Mahindra Electric SUVs Unveil 200 Kmph Teaser – BE.05, XUV.e8, XUV.e9

In Mahindra’s tantalizing sneak peek, the registered top velocity of 200 km/h seems to be attributed to the XUV.e9, an aerodynamically streamlined masterpiece housing a dual-motor configuration. Mahindra has re-emerged into the realm of electric vehicles with the introduction of the XUV400, but it’s just the beginning. The company is diligently crafting a new fleet of electric wonders as part of their next-generation collection. In a recent teaser unveiled by Mahindra, we are treated to a spectacle where the BE.05, XUV.e8, and XUV.e9 gracefully reach an astounding 200 km/h while navigating Mahindra’s SUV Proving Track located in Chennai.

Mahindra’s Next-gen EVs Break the 200 Km/h Barrier. It’s worth noting that this marks the first appearance of the XUV.e9 prototype on Indian soil. This remarkable vehicle embodies the essence of a coupe, stemming from the XUV.e8 lineage, which has already been sighted on numerous occasions. The XUV.e9 exhibits a distinctive, sleeker design, radiating an allure that suggests it might be destined for international markets as well, adding an exciting dimension to Mahindra’s electric ambitions.

Mahindra appears to be using the Tesla Model Y as a benchmark for optimizing the aerodynamics and coupe profile of the XUV.e9, with the ultimate goal of extending its electric range. Alongside the XUV.e9, we witness the XUV.e8 and BE.05 showcasing their prowess. All three vehicles are pushing their limits on Mahindra’s demanding SUV Proving Track in Chennai. In this recent sneak peek, one of Mahindra’s next-gen EVs achieves an impressive 200 km/h on the speedometer, a remarkable feat for electric vehicles. However, it’s essential to remember that this is a reading from the speedometer, and there may be a slight variance from the actual speed. Interestingly, Mahindra hasn’t disclosed which of these three vehicles achieved this remarkable velocity.

The Dawn of the Next Generation of Mahindra Electric SUVs. Mahindra has unveiled its strategy to introduce the next-gen electric vehicles in a phased approach. First in line is the XUV.e8, anticipated to make its debut around December 2024. Following closely is the XUV.e9, scheduled for launch in April 2025, while the BE.05 is set to arrive in October 2025, and the BE.07 will grace the market in April 2026. Mahindra has entered a partnership with BYD to procure the cells needed for their battery packs, a notable departure from their previous association with Volkswagen.

As revealed during the unveiling of the Thar.e in Cape Town, South Africa, Mahindra will source their motors from Volkswagen. The front motor, a product of VW, boasts a power output of 107 bhp and 135 Nm of torque, a specification common to all these vehicles. The rear motor, on the other hand, brings more power to the table, with Mahindra offering varied performance options depending on the vehicle or trim level. These rear motors encompass a 228 bhp and 380 Nm motor procured from Valeo, as well as a potent 282 bhp and 535 Nm motor sourced from VW. It’s important to acknowledge that the 200 km/h top speed featured in the teaser likely represents an optimal scenario. This achievement is likely derived from the XUV.e9 prototype, equipped with a 107 bhp front motor and an impressive 282 bhp rear motor, generating 535 Nm of torque.

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