Mahindra Thar.e: The Shocking Electric Transformation! Must See!

Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. has made a significant announcement by introducing the Thar.e concept during their FutureScape event held in Cape Town.

Judging by its appearance and the anticipation built by Mahindra, the Thar.e is set to break away from the typical electric vehicle mold. It isn’t merely an electrified version of the regular ICE Thar; it’s being developed from scratch as a part of their Born Electric series. Notably, the Thar.e will come in a five-door configuration, accompanied by a brand-new Mahindra logo to infuse a sense of novelty.

However, it’s important to note that the Thar.e is presently in its conceptual stage and is likely to undergo substantial changes before its official release.

Innovative Platform for the Thar.e

Mahindra electric thar left side view

The Thar EV is taking a unique approach, differing from its conventional internal combustion engine counterpart. It’s built upon Mahindra’s modern INGLO (INdia GLObal) electric platform, codenamed P1. This platform, already employed for several other electric SUVs, utilizes a skateboard design with a flat battery positioned between the wheels. The platform’s modular nature allows for customizable aspects such as wheelbase, length, and height. For the Thar.e, the wheelbase is extended to a range of 2,775mm to 2,975mm, increasing the length between the firewall and the front wheel hub.

Distinctive Design of the Thar.e

Mahindra electric thar

The Thar.e is adopting an aggressive and futuristic design approach. It’s shedding its traditional appearance for a more avant-garde style. Notable features include LED square-shaped headlamps, an upright and bold glossy black front end, and a sturdy steel front bumper. The addition of extra doors on the sides imparts a stretched and sophisticated appearance to the vehicle. The Thar.e also boasts sizable alloy wheels within squared-off wheel arches. Additionally, the rear carries a spare wheel mounted on the tailgate, accompanied by stylish LED tail lamps.

Enhanced Cabin Experience

Mahindra electric thar right side view

Upon entering the Thar.e’s cabin, the focus is on delivering an immersive driver experience. The cabin is enriched with a selection of 75 distinct sounds, ranging from the moment the door is opened to navigating through various driving modes. These audio cues have been meticulously curated by the renowned musical maestro, A R Rahman. For those with adventurous inclinations, who might take the vehicle off-road, a built-in water hose is available within the cabin for convenient cleaning.

Impressive Drivetrain and Battery Technology

Mahindra thar.e front view

In terms of powertrain, Mahindra has collaborated with prominent industry players. Initially, they’ll source batteries and motors from BYD for the XUV.e8, but for the Thar.e, they’re eyeing Volkswagen’s potent motors.

Presently, these motors generate 80kW for the front wheels and a substantial 210kW for the rear wheels. However, these power figures might still be subject to change. As for torque, the front wheels produce a robust 135Nm, while the rear wheels deliver an impressive 535Nm, instantly accessible upon pressing the accelerator. With such ample torque available, Mahindra believes a low-range transfer case isn’t necessary.

Regarding the battery, the Thar.e will adopt the same battery options as other INGLO SUVs. The popular choice is the 60kWh battery, with a more extensive 80kWh alternative available for those seeking greater range. As per their estimates, the latter should provide a substantial driving range of approximately 435km to 450km based on the WLTP cycle. Opting for the smaller battery pack would likely offer a range of around 325km on a full charge.

Expected Launch in India and Pricing

electric thar rear view

Mahindra has yet to divulge specific launch details, but available information allows for educated speculation.

Their new EV factory is anticipated to be operational by March 2024. Given their busy launch schedule extending to 2026, culminating with the BE.07’s release, it might be a while before the Thar.e makes its debut. If things go well, a glimpse of the Thar.e might be seen in 2025; otherwise, 2026 seems like the more realistic target year.

As for pricing, prospective buyers should be prepared for a substantial investment. The costs of materials required for EV production are consistently rising, making it difficult to predict the final price accurately.

Mahindra isn’t only introducing the Thar.e; they’re also electrifying their existing ICE vehicle lineup. Moreover, the musical talents of A R Rahman are being infused into the experience, with 75 distinctive sounds accompanying all their upcoming EVs. The iconic copper twin peak logo, known from the past, will be reserved for the XUV400, while the rest of the lineup sports a fresh and modern logo that has been unveiled.

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