Manisha Rani has no interest in Bigg Boss 17: Manisha Rani says that TV has got a lot of name, fame and love from the OTT version and she wants to enjoy it to the fullest.

In the glitzy world of entertainment, Manisha Rani stands tall as a rising star, her latest sensation “Nazar Na Lage” captivating hearts and playlists nationwide. As the applause echoes and fans shower her with love, Manisha takes a moment to reflect on her journey, dreams, and the friendships that anchor her amidst the glamour.

Riding the Wave of Success: “Nazar Na Lage” and Fan Love

Manisha’s latest track, “Nazar Na Lage,” has become an anthem of adoration, drawing admiration from fans and family alike. The song’s grandeur, reminiscent of a Sanjay Leela Bhansali film, encapsulates Manisha’s dream – to be the lead in a musical extravaganza, surrounded by background dancers. The outpour of love, compliments, and the appreciation for her transformed appearance and mesmerizing dance moves leave her overwhelmed. “My fans and family members are sending me lots of love and compliments for this song,” she beams. It’s a realization of a dream, a testament to her dedication and talent.

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Dreams and Collaborations: Kartik Aaryan and Abhishek Malhan

When the word “Baabu” resonates, Kartik Aaryan comes to Manisha’s mind. Their on-screen chemistry, a tale of twists and laughter, fuels her aspiration to collaborate with him. As for Abhishek Malhan, he’s more than a colleague; he’s family. Their friendship, deep-rooted and genuine, transcends professional boundaries. While the prospect of working together professionally remains uncertain, their bond stays unbreakable. “Abhishek and I would always love to work together,” she affirms, the enthusiasm palpable in her words.

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Bigg Boss and Beyond: A Strategic Pause

Manisha Rani

In the aftermath of Bigg Boss OTT season 2, where Manisha garnered immense fame and adulation, she ponders the prospect of returning to the reality show. However, she opts for a strategic pause, relishing her current success. “I have gained immense name, love, and fame with this Bigg Boss,” she acknowledges. Right now, with numerous offers awaiting her attention, diving back into the Bigg Boss chaos isn’t her immediate plan. For Manisha, it’s about savoring the present moment, basking in the love that envelops her.

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Future Ventures: A Promising Horizon

Manisha remains open to new avenues, especially daily soaps. The key, she emphasizes, lies in the character she portrays. A leading role in a well-crafted storyline, perhaps a character like Naagin, intrigues her. Yet, she acknowledges the need for self-improvement, recognizing the effort required to breathe life into diverse roles. Her recent audition for Mukesh Chhabra signifies her commitment to evolving as an actress, embracing challenges with unwavering determination.

Cherishing Connections: Abhishek Malhan and Tony Kakkar

Manisha Rani

While professional collaborations are essential, Manisha values friendships profoundly. Her camaraderie with Abhishek Malhan extends beyond projects; it’s a bond nurtured by mutual respect and shared dreams. As for Tony Kakkar, their friendship blooms, fostering the possibility of future collaborations. Manisha’s openness to these friendships and collaborations is a testament to her genuine spirit, one that finds beauty in connections beyond the screen.

In the effervescent world of entertainment, Manisha Rani embodies more than talent; she personifies resilience, genuine connections, and an unwavering passion for her craft. As she continues to tread the path of stardom, her story becomes an inspiration, reminding us that amidst fame and lights, genuine friendships and self-belief are the true cornerstones of enduring success.

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