Miss Pakistan’s Empowering Statement at Miss Universe Swimsuit Show

During the recent Miss Universe pageant, Miss Pakistan, Erica Robin, captivated everyone’s attention with her powerful statement.

Robin decided to wear a burkini for the swimsuit competition, marking a significant moment in the 72-year history of the Miss Universe pageant.

In a groundbreaking move, Erica Robin, the very first Miss Pakistan, proudly showcased her individuality by confidently strutting on the Miss Universe stage in a baby-pink burkini. The crowd in San Salvador cheered in support as she elegantly walked across the stage, while other contestants donned metallic swimsuits with bold cutouts.

Despite facing mixed reactions back home, Robin, who secured a spot in the top 20, expressed her pride in standing up for her beliefs. She mentioned that upon being crowned as Miss Universe Pakistan, she encountered criticism from various segments of society. Nevertheless, she remained resolute in representing her country and its rich heritage while upholding her values as a modern Pakistani woman.

In her Miss Universe bio, Robin highlighted her commitment to championing gender equality in the workplace. Additionally, she emphasized her volunteer work with the Karachi Down Syndrome Program, showcasing her dedication to social causes.

It’s important to note that Robin belongs to Pakistan’s Christian religious minority, constituting about 1% of the population.

This year’s Miss Universe competition witnessed several other historical moments among the top 20 contestants. Miss Nepal, Jane Dipika Garrett, became the first body-inclusive contestant at Miss Universe. Moreover, Miss Colombia, Camila Avella, marked history as the first married woman and mother to place in the competition since the revised rules of Miss Universe in August 2022. Adding to the roster of trailblazers, Miss Portugal, Marina Machete, became the first transgender contestant to secure a place in the top 20.

These remarkable women have redefined norms and broken barriers, leaving an indelible mark on the global stage of Miss Universe.

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