New Tata Harrier and Safari Safety Rating Out: Safest Cars in India!

Tata, a pioneer in prioritizing car safety in India, recently put all doubts to rest by crash-testing its flagship cars, the Harrier and Safari. The results? Both SUVs earned an impressive 5-star rating, making them the safest choices on Indian roads. In this article, we delve deep into the safety features of these vehicles, exploring the adult and child occupant protections, side impact tests, and more. Let’s unravel why the new Tata Harrier and Safari are the epitome of safety in the Indian automotive market.


Tata, a brand synonymous with reliability, has reinforced its commitment to safety by conducting rigorous crash tests on its flagship models, Harrier and Safari. These SUVs not only passed but also excelled and achieved an impeccable 5-star rating.

Tata’s Safety Legacy

Tata has a rich history of prioritizing safety. From the Nexon to the Punch, their cars consistently earn 5-star ratings, setting industry benchmarks. The Harrier and Safari continue this legacy, underscoring Tata’s unwavering commitment to passenger safety.

Unique the Harrier and Safari

Before diving into the test results, let’s explore what makes the Harrier and Safari stand out. These SUVs boast cutting-edge technology, elegant design, and powerful performance, making them a favorite among Indian car enthusiasts.

Tata Harrier and Safari Safety Rating

Tata Harrier and Safari Safety Rating

Adult Occupant Protection

In the crash tests, both the Harrier and Safari scored an impressive 33.05 out of 34 points for adult occupant protection. The driver and passenger enjoyed excellent head and neck protection, with adequate coverage for the chest. Tata’s meticulous engineering ensures that you’re cocooned in safety.

Side Impact Tests

Side impacts can be particularly dangerous, but the Harrier and Safari emerged victorious. With robust protection for the head, chest, abdomen, and pelvis, these SUVs prioritize your safety from all angles. Even in side pole impact tests, the 6 airbags standard offered exceptional pelvic protection and satisfactory chest and abdominal coverage.

Child Occupant Safety

Parents, rejoice! Both the Harrier and Safari scored an impressive 45 out of 49 points in child occupant safety. The Child Restraint System (CRS) provided full protection in side-impact crashes, ensuring your little ones are safe and secure during every journey.

The Power of Airbags

Airbags are like personal guardians in your car. The Harrier and Safari come equipped with 6 airbags, offering a comprehensive safety net. These airbags deploy strategically to minimize the impact on passengers, emphasizing Tata’s dedication to your well-being.

Stable Body Shells

Apart from airbags, the stable body shells of the Harrier and Safari play a crucial role in ensuring your safety. These shells are designed to withstand significant loadings, providing an additional layer of protection in case of a collision.

Beyond Safety: Performance and Style

While safety is paramount, Tata understands the need for style and performance. The Harrier and Safari seamlessly blend safety with sophistication, offering a driving experience that’s both thrilling and secure. Why compromise when you can have it all?


In a world where safety is non-negotiable, the Tata Harrier and Safari stand tall as the epitome of security on Indian roads. With stellar crash test scores, advanced safety features, and a legacy of reliability, these SUVs redefine what it means to drive with confidence.

In conclusion, Tata’s commitment to safety, evident in the exceptional crash test results of the Harrier and Safari, makes these SUVs the top choice for safety-conscious Indian consumers. With a blend of cutting-edge technology, robust engineering, and elegant design, Tata has once again proven why it’s a leading name in the automotive industry. So, buckle up, hit the road, and enjoy a safe and stylish ride with the new Tata Harrier and Safari!

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Q1: Are the Tata Harrier and Safari the safest cars in India?

A1: Yes, both the Harrier and Safari have received a full 5-star rating in crash tests, making them the safest choices for Indian roads.

Q2: How many airbags do the Harrier and Safari have?

A2: Both SUVs are equipped with 6 airbags, providing comprehensive protection to passengers in case of an accident.

Q3: Is the Child Restraint System (CRS) easy to use?

A3: Absolutely, the CRS in the Harrier and Safari is user-friendly, ensuring that your child is securely fastened and protected during every ride.

Q4: Can the stable body shells withstand severe impacts?

A4: Yes, the stable body shells of the Harrier and Safari are designed to withstand significant loadings, enhancing passenger safety in high-impact situations.

Q5: Where can I test drive the Tata Harrier and Safari?

A5: Visit your nearest Tata dealership to experience the safety, style, and performance of the Harrier and Safari firsthand. Your journey towards secure driving begins there!


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