Ola S1X, S1X+, and S1 Air: A Comprehensive Comparison of Ola’s Affordable Electric Scooters

Ola’s Latest Electric Scooters: Ola S1X vs. S1X+ vs. S1 Air

Ola, the pioneering electric vehicle manufacturer, introduced its highly anticipated Ola S1X series during the remarkable August 15th Customer Day event. Representing an unparalleled level of affordability, this series initiates at an attractive price point of Rs 89,999 for the entry-level Ola S1X (2kWh) variant. This insightful comparison delves into the distinct attributes of the two other models within the series – the Ola S1X (3kWh) and the enhanced Ola S1X+ – in contrast with the previously launched Ola S1 Air earlier this year.

PriceRs 99,999Rs 1,09,999Rs 1,19,999
ARAI range151 km151 km151 km
Top speed90Kmph90Kmph90Kmph
Acceleration (0-60Kmph)5.5s5.5s5.7s
Battery size3kWh3kWh3kWh
Charging time7.4 hours7.4 hours5 hours
Instrument cluster3.5-inch LCD5-inch LCD7-inch 800x480p touch LCD
(Cruise Control/Bluetooth/GPS
/Navigation/OTA Updates)
Peak motor power6.0 kW6.0 kW6.0 kW
Drive modesEco, Normal & SportsEco, Normal & SportsEco, Normal & Sports
Key typePhysicalKeylessKeyless
Boot space34L34L34L
Eco Mode range125 km125 km125 km
Normal Mode range100 km100 km100 km
Kerb weight108 kg108 kg108 kg
Tyres90/90 – R1290/90 – R1290/90 – R12

Comparing Performance and Features: Ola S1X (3kWh) vs. Ola S1X+ vs. Ola S1 Air

A thorough analysis of the specifications reveals remarkable similarities amongst all three scooters, as they share an identical hardware foundation built upon the advanced Gen2 two-wheeler platform. Consequently, these vehicles collectively boast a robust 6.0 kW peak motor power, a remarkable top speed of 90Kmph, and an impressive 151 Km ARAI-certified range.

The dimensional consistency is further reflected in the uniformity of 34L boot space and a commendable 160mm ground clearance across the board. The Ola S1X (3kWh) and the S1X+ model include a convenient 500W portable home charger, while the Ola S1 Air elevates the charging experience with a higher-capacity 750W charger. This innovation translates to a significant reduction in battery charging time, with the Ola S1 Air’s 3kWh battery recharged to full capacity in a notably shorter period of 5 hours compared to the conventional 7.4 hours.

Tech Integration and MoveOS Integration: Ola S1X (3kWh) vs. Ola S1X+ vs. Ola S1 Air

Unified features such as a side stand alert and three distinct riding modes – Eco, Normal, and Sport – adorn all three scooter models. However, the focal point shifts to the instrument cluster and intelligent functionalities. The Ola S1 Air emerges as the frontrunner, showcasing an immersive 7-inch touch display, while the S1X+ model is equipped with a sophisticated 5-inch screen.

Both the S1 Air and S1X+ models harness the prowess of MoveOS, empowering seamless Bluetooth connectivity, precise GPS navigation, effortless keyless unlocking, cruise control, and over-the-air updates. In contrast, the Ola S1X (3kWh) integrates a compact 3.5-inch display without comparable enhancements. Furthermore, for enthusiasts of music on the move, the S1 Air exclusively features integrated music and speakers.

Pricing and Availability: Ola S1X (3kWh) vs. Ola S1X+ vs. Ola S1 Air

The Ola S1 Air is readily available for purchase through the official Ola Electric website. Conversely, the highly anticipated Ola S1X+ deliveries are slated to commence at the end of September. As for the Ola S1X (3kWh) variant, it’s currently open for reservations, with scheduled deliveries set to initiate in December of the present year.

Noteworthy is the fact that Ola has introduced limited-time introductory pricing of Rs 89,999 for the Ola S1X (3kWh) and Rs 99,999 for the S1X+, valid until August 21st. This pricing strategy accentuates the distinct cost variations among these exemplary products. While the Ola S1 Air offers a choice of 5 single-tone color options, the Ola S1X series presents a more extensive palette, featuring 5 dual-tone and 2 single-tone color selections.

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