Shilpa Shetty’s husband Raj Kundra wrote on Twitter, ‘We have separated’; Internet Reaction

Raj Kundra, the renowned personality preparing for his role in the upcoming film UT 69, recently took to X (previously known as Twitter) to share a mysterious message last Thursday. Shilpa Shetty’s husband, who portrays himself in UT 69, cryptically stated, “We have separated and kindly request you to give us time during this difficult period.” Without divulging further details, Raj Kundra’s enigmatic post left the Internet buzzing with curiosity. Let’s delve into the responses and speculations that flooded the comments section on X.

The X post triggered a wave of speculations among netizens. One user humorously remarked, “Separated from mask, may the mask spend the rest of his life in solace.” Another skeptic commented, “Come on, lame gimmick..” Amid the confusion, someone inquired, “Must be talking about his masks.” Others pondered, “Separat means? Divorce?” The X comments thread was ablaze with conjectures, showcasing the online community’s intrigue about Raj Kundra’s cryptic revelation.

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While Shilpa Shetty has remained silent regarding the post, Raj Kundra recently made headlines by unveiling his face, which had been concealed behind a helmet-like mask for several months. During the press conference of UT 69, he shed light on the reason behind this unusual choice. Raj Kundra candidly shared, “I wore the mask out of pain. The media trial was excruciating, even more so than my ongoing legal battle. I don’t blame you (addressing media) – you were doing your job. But the pain was unbearable; I wanted to shield myself from the public eye, to remain unnoticed.”

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Intriguingly, Raj Kundra also divulged Shilpa Shetty’s initial reaction to his decision to venture into acting with UT 69. He recalled, “She (Shilpa) was a few feet away from me when I broke the news to her. I didn’t approach too closely. I informed her about the script and awaited her response. When I turned away, a flying chappal came at my face. I suppose she found the idea a bit dubious at first, perhaps doubting if the film would ever materialize.”

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Undeterred by initial skepticism, Raj Kundra persevered. He shared, “After a concise narration by the director, Shahnawaz Ali, Shilpa understood that it wasn’t an anti-system narrative. It was a profoundly human story. Her support was unwavering. She questioned me, ‘Tu acting kar lega (can you act)?’ I assured her, drawing from my experiences, including a bout of method acting during my time in confinement.”

UT 69: A Glimpse into Real-Life Struggles

UT 69, the much-anticipated film, mirrors Raj Kundra’s own life journey. It delves into his incarceration following charges related to the production of adult content. Directed by Shahnawaz Ali, the movie promises an unfiltered look into the challenges and complexities faced by Raj Kundra, both in his personal life and the public eye.

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In conclusion, Raj Kundra’s cryptic post has not only sparked intense speculation online but also highlighted the struggles he faced during his legal battles. UT 69, serving as a mirror to his own life, aims to shed light on these challenges and provide a unique perspective on his journey. As the anticipation for the film builds, the enigmatic aura surrounding Raj Kundra’s personal life only adds to the intrigue, making UT 69 one of the most awaited releases in recent times.

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