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In the glittering realm of Bollywood, where dreams are woven into stories, emerges a talent that has captured hearts and headlines alike. Soniya Bansal, the young and dynamic Indian actress, has carved her path in the entertainment industry, leaving an indelible mark. Join us on a riveting journey through her life, her career, and the milestones that define her rise to stardom.


Soniya Bansal

Soniya Bansal, born on 28th October 1996, is a budding Indian actress who stepped into the dazzling world of Bollywood with the movie 100 Crore, sharing the screen with stalwarts like Rahul Roy and Shakti Kapoor1. Her journey from the ramp to the silver screen has been nothing short of inspiring, capturing the attention of millions.

Early Life and Family

Soniya Bansal’s roots trace back to a humble Hindu family. Born to Baijnath and Santosh Bansal, with her father serving as a valiant Indian Army officer, Soniya imbibed the values of discipline and determination from an early age2. She shares this journey with two loving sisters, forming the bedrock of her support system.

A Glimpse into Soniya’s Career

Soniya Bansal

After completing her studies, Soniya ventured into modeling, gracing prestigious runways such as Filmfare and Lakme. What sets her apart is her ability to thrive in Bollywood without a godfather, showcasing her sheer talent and perseverance.

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Bollywood Ventures

Soniya’s cinematic journey commenced with the film Game 100 Crore Ka in 2022, marking her debut alongside renowned actors like Rahul Roy and Shakti Kapoor. Her prowess shone brightly in subsequent projects like Naughty Gang and Dubki, demonstrating her versatility as an actress. Currently, she is gearing up for the action-packed web series Shoorveer, set to enthrall audiences on Hotstar.

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Soniya Bansal Movies

2019Naughty Gang (Hindi)Tara
2021Dubki (Hindi)Ganga
2022Game 100 Crore Ka (Hindi)
2022Shoorveer (Hindi)Rimi Chaudhary
2023Dheera (Telugu)Manisha
2023Yes Boss  (Telugu)
Soniya Bansal movies

Soniya in Music Videos

Apart from her silver screen ventures, Soniya Bansal has graced several music videos, leaving an indelible mark. From soulful renditions to peppy numbers, she has collaborated with esteemed labels like T-Series and Tips, winning hearts across the nation.

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YearMusic videoLabel
2023Zindagi Do Roz KiTips
2023BarsaatPTC Records
2023Nachan da timeTa Ra Rum

Television Stardom

Soniya Bansal

Soniya’s tryst with fame took an exciting turn when she entered the iconic reality show Bigg Boss Season 17 in October 20233. Her stint in the house has only enhanced her fanbase, making her a household name.

2023Bigg Boss 17 (Hindi)Contestant

Soniya’s Financial Odyssey

In the financial arena, Soniya Bansal has curated a diverse portfolio. Her annual earnings of 10-20 lakhs from Instagram activities, coupled with brand endorsements worth Rs 1 crore, underline her financial prowess. Additionally, her television and film projects contribute significantly, making her a financially independent powerhouse.

Awards and Recognition

Soniya Bansal

Soniya’s talent has not gone unnoticed. Her remarkable work has earned her accolades, including a prestigious appearance on the IIFA Awards red carpet in 2023. This recognition speaks volumes about her growing influence in the industry.

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The Power of Social Media

Despite her budding career, Soniya Bansal has already amassed a massive following on Instagram, where more than 5.8 million fans eagerly await her updates. Her social media presence reflects her connect with the audience, making her a relatable star in the digital age.

Soniya Bansal Instagram


Soniya Bansal’s journey from a small-town girl to a Bollywood sensation serves as a beacon of hope for aspiring talents. With determination, talent, and unwavering spirit, she has etched her name in the annals of the entertainment industry. As she continues to captivate hearts both on and off-screen, the world eagerly awaits her next magnum opus.

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In a world filled with stars, Soniya Bansal shines uniquely. With her talent, humility, and boundless energy, she is undoubtedly a name to watch out for in the ever-evolving landscape of Indian cinema.

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Q1: What is Soniya Bansal’s debut film?

Ans: Soniya Bansal made her Bollywood debut with the movie “100 Crore” alongside Rahul Roy and Shakti Kapoor.

Q2: Is Soniya Bansal active on social media?

Ans: Yes, Soniya Bansal enjoys a massive following on Instagram, where she engages with her fans regularly7.

Q3: Has Soniya Bansal won any awards?

Ans: While specific awards are not mentioned, Soniya Bansal graced the red carpet at the prestigious IIFA Awards in 2023, signifying her growing influence in the industry6.

Q4: Which music labels has Soniya collaborated with?

Ans: Soniya Bansal has collaborated with renowned music labels like T-Series and Tips, featuring in several music videos4.

Q5: What is Soniya Bansal’s current project?

Ans: Soniya Bansal is gearing up for the release of the action-packed web series “Shoorveer” on Hotstar, promising an enthralling cinematic experience for the audience3.


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