Step inside Bigg Boss 17 house with its charming chess theme, luxurious decor, touches of stone and wood

Embark on a riveting journey through the entrancing realms of Bigg Boss 17, a realm where opulence intertwines with tranquility. Salman Khan, the venerable host, welcomes us to a house that diverges significantly from its predecessors. Unlike its vibrant forerunners, this abode emanates a sense of serenity through its understated tones of brown, accentuated by the rustic allure of stone and brick.

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The architectural marvel of Bigg Boss 17 reveals a distinctive penchant for the game of chess. The very essence of this strategic contest adorns the walls in the form of intricate carvings, where mythic creatures from the chessboard come to life. A majestic stone horse, its wings outstretched in grandeur, guards the entrance, while chess pieces entwine with the doorways, narrating a silent tale of intellect and finesse.

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Stone, the quintessential element of the house, graces the seating area and even the dining table, invoking a sense of grounded elegance. The couch, too, is not exempt from this artistic touch, boasting cushioned seats adorned with the delicate print of bricks. In the garden, amidst the stony embrace, a solitary white couch basks in the subtle interplay of shadows and light.

The bedrooms, an epitome of diversity, offer a glimpse into contrasting worlds. One, a lavender haven, immerses its occupants in a soothing ambiance, with delicate blooms adorning the walls and wooden floors. Secluded corners house plush couches, inviting contestants into moments of repose and camaraderie.

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The ‘archive’ bedroom, veiled in the warmth of brown wood, pays homage to the game of kings. Chess pieces adorn the walls, their silent presence infusing the room with strategic brilliance. A colossal wooden hand, an emblem of creativity, hovers over the seating area, adding a touch of enigmatic charm. A modest dining table graces one corner, sharing space with a solitary sofa, a sanctuary for contemplation.

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A third bedroom, a sanctuary of intimacy, cradles a solitary double bed at its heart. Beside it, a dignified sofa chair offers solace. Ancient echoes resonate in this space, epitomized by a colossal statue of a winged woman, her ethereal presence casting a spell of mystery and allure. The voiceover, haunting and poetic, paints a picture of uncertainties, where shadows intertwine with happiness, and melancholy finds solace in the buffet of existence.

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In the digital realms, the Bigg Boss 17 saga unfurls its splendor, inviting viewers into a world where heart, mind, and courage converge in a grand spectacle. Join us on this mesmerizing odyssey, as Bigg Boss 17 graces the screens of Colors TV from Monday to Friday at 10 pm, and on the weekends at 10 pm. For the aficionados, the show continues its live saga on JioCinema, an ever-present tapestry of human emotions and strategic brilliance. Witness the grand premiere on a Sunday, an overture to a saga that promises intrigue, passion, and the essence of humanity itself.

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