The Felo FW03 SIC58 Electric Mini-Bike Inspired by Honda Cub EZ90

Electric motorcycles have transcended mere functionality, evolving into exhilarating innovations that promise both practicality and joy in equal measure. Among the latest entries, the Felo FW03 emerges as a standout example, making its debut at EICMA 2023.

A Fusion of Inspiration and Design

Drawing attention with its diminutive stature reminiscent of a kid’s minibike, the FW03 SIC58 defies expectations with its performance-driven features. Notably, this electric marvel draws design inspiration from the iconic Honda Cub, particularly the off-road variant known as the Cub EZ90.

A Tribute to Marco Simoncelli

Paying homage to Marco Simoncelli, the FW03 SIC58 flaunts a distinctive livery adorned with vibrant yellow, black, white, and red hues. This unique design echoes Simoncelli’s racing legacy, prominently featuring red stripes and leopard spots. Limited to a production run of just 580 units, this electric wonder guarantees exclusivity and will be accompanied by a five-year battery warranty.


Underneath its retro-inspired facade, the FW03SIC58 houses an electric motor that propels it to an impressive top speed of 80 kilometers per hour (50 miles per hour). Moreover, its battery empowers a generous range of approximately 120 km (75 miles) on a single charge. Despite its premium price tag of €5,390 (approximately $5,878 USD), this limited edition electric scooter promises an unmatched experience.

Felo’s European Expansion

Marking its foray into the European market, particularly in Italy, EICMA 2023 showcased Felo’s strategic expansion plans. The brand aims to introduce a diverse range of electric two-wheelers, catering to the dynamic needs of urban mobility.

In conclusion, the Felo FW03 SIC58 represents a fusion of nostalgia and futuristic innovation, encapsulating the essence of electric mobility. With its homage to the Honda Cub EZ90, tribute to Marco Simoncelli, and a focus on performance and exclusivity, this limited-edition electric mini-bike embodies a new era of urban commuting.

Discover the thrill of the FW03 SIC58—a testament to the convergence of history, technology, and style in the realm of electric motorcycles.

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