Urfi Javed Dress | Urfi Javed New Dress Collection

1. Urfi Javed New Dress with Combining Shirts

Urfi Javed has created a unique dress by combining shirts from top to bottom. Her new outfit, featuring several shirts combined together in shades of pink, has garnered attention and praise from fans. Urfi, known for her bold and distinctive style, continues to make headlines on social media. In her latest video, she wears a strapless dress made by stitching seven shirts together, drawing both admiration and trolling from viewers. Urfi is gaining recognition in the fashion world for her unconventional and creative outfits, which include dresses made from safety pins, kiwis, roses, sim cards, and balloons. This time, she impressed many with her stylish look, receiving positive comments from fans and leaving some in awe of her fashion sense.

2. New Dress with Hair

Uorfi’s latest attire, featuring only her hair, left fans astonished. The actress creatively used her hair to cover her modesty and dubbed the look ‘Hairy Potter’. Parul Gulati, who appeared on Shark Tank India 2, was thoroughly impressed. She commented, ‘This is something only you could pull off. I’m thrilled to see you rocking a hair dress!’

3. Urfi Javed Blades Dress

“Uorfi dedicated her razor dress to introverts, writing, ‘I made the perfect dress for introverts. Razor cut! Made this dress from razors! I can’t thank my team enough for helping me with my crazy ideas!’ A fan commented, ‘Oh my gosh, it’s so unique, but please be safe!'”

4. Long Skirt of Gajras

Uorfi chose to wear Gajras, but in her unique style. She not only adorned them in her hair but also crafted a skirt out of them and wore a brooch on her cleavage. A user admired her look and commented, ‘Who are we to judge her life choices? Let everyone be and focus on our own lives. I find Urfi really nice; as for others, I don’t know.

5. A Designer Dress Out of Toilet Paper

Uorfi crafted a designer skirt and blouse out of toilet paper, a creation that received positive responses. Her ingenuity in painting the sheets and crafting flowers for the sleeves impressed many. Netizens commented, ‘Wow, what a creative dress!’

6. Princess cut outfit from Tokris

Uorfi created a dress made entirely from tokris, leaving viewers stunned. The dress was undeniably a work of art, featuring intricate detailing that captured everyone’s attention. Uorfi captioned her creation, ‘Made this from baas ki tokri, I feel this is a dying art now. It always amazed me how these artisans used bamboo strings to craft such incredible utensils, chairs, and tables. Blows my mind.’

7. The Iconic Dress with Garbage Bags

“From her stint on Bigg Boss OTT, Uorfi has now transformed garbage bags into dresses worthy of the runway. She boldly stated, ‘I could literally wear this to a red carpet event, not kidding.’ Uorfi also revealed, ‘The original dustbin bag outfit I made in Bigg Boss was inspired by @komalpandeyofficial! Keep inspiring.’ Netizens reacted to her dresses, saying, ‘Whatever it is, the dress looks good!'”

8. Urfi Javed New Dress with the Clothespins

“Uorfi’s dress made from clothespins went viral, showcasing her preference for a simple and understated look instead of an overexposed one. She playfully asked her fans for funny captions, and they responded with creative suggestions like ‘Hang the clothes out to dry,’ ‘I needed to dry my clothes, couldn’t find any clips, now I know where they are,’ ‘I am clipped,’ and so on.”

9. A sexy dress with Artificial nails

“This was totally unexpected – Uorfi wore nails all over, turning them into a short skirt and blouse set. Netizens were not impressed with this ensemble and commented, ‘How many sacrificed their nails to make this dress??’ While some complimented her courage, saying, ‘One thing to be said, there’s talent in that because not everyone can make a dress out of anything.'”

10. Cycle chains for Urfi’s New Outfit

“The outfit was incredibly daring; the chains posed a potential risk to her neck and body. However, she chose to embrace the challenge and nailed it. She captioned it, ‘Cycle chain!! I could’ve never imagined making a dress from this! It wasn’t my idea, though. A friend jokingly suggested making a dress out of a cycle chain – I was curious, I never did that, but maybe I can.'”

11. The latest Outfit with an Old Cassettes reel

“Who would have thought that cassette reels could be transformed into a dress? Uorfi, however, took up the challenge. She wrote, ‘You guys could have never guessed!!! Made a dress from reels of old cassettes! Reels dress for reels.’ Netizens reacted to the outfit, saying, ‘UJ thinks beyond the imagination of a normal human being…'”

12. Pebbled up for her quick ensemble

Uorfi drew inspiration from trolls who incessantly urged others to ‘Throw stones at her.’ In a bold move, the actress gathered these comments and fashioned a dress out of them. Uorfi wrote, ‘Yes, the comment inspired me to do this. Don’t blame me, blame the comment.’ Netizens reacted, ‘Please, hit her with clothes… Hit her with a whole wardrobe. Maybe then something good might happen.'”

13. Wired for the skirt and blouse

“Uorfi embraced an electrifying outfit made from cable wires, transforming them into a dress. She proudly stated, ‘Yes, this is wire! Also, no wires were harmed in the making!! I think this looks amazing! I might try different colors too! For me, fashion is all about experimenting, creating something, and making a statement!'”

14. An edible outfit with cotton candy

“Uorfi proved that cotton candy could be worn as well; she created an outfit out of it and even took a few bites from her skirt and blouse. The viewers had mixed reactions; while some liked it, others wanted her to change the outfit as soon as possible.”

15. Too much safety with the safety pins

Uorfi made a sheer dress out of the safety pins, she paired it with the black bikini. The dress took 3 days to be created, she mentioned, “This dress is made entirely. Out of safety pins !! Yes! Took us 3 days but look at this”. Netizens asked her to stay safe and not get poked by the pins.

16. Photographs as a dress

Uorfi opted for a dress made entirely of photographs of herself. The actress captioned it, ‘Will the real Urfi please stand up? Saw this idea on the internet, wanted to recreate this and here we are!’ Some referred to her as a doll, while others suggested she try out regular clothes. A concerned user commented, ‘If you don’t have money to buy simple clothes, take money from me. I can’t bear to see you in this.’


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