Kangana Ranaut found it difficult to mess with Urfi Javed, had to join hands.

Urfi Javed and Kangana Ranaut Although there is no competition between these two in terms of career, while Kangana is the lead actress of Bollywood, Urfi Javed is still finding her place in Bollywood. But there is a similarity between these two, Kangana is more in discussion for her statements than her work and Urfi for her clothes. Yesterday Kangana messed with Urfi Javed, then Urfi Javed stopped speaking of Kangana in her own way.

Kangana Ranaut recently said in a tweet that Muslim actors here have become superstars because of the love and support of the majority of Hindus in the country.

In response to his tweet, Urfi Javed had said, Art should be kept separate from religion, no matter what religion the actor belongs to, he should be seen only from the point of view of an actor, not as a Hindu or Muslim actor.

Where was Kangana going to stop on this reaction of Urfi, she wrote in reply that she also wants that this should not happen, that is why she demands Uniform Civil Code from PM Modi.

Kangana felt that she would drag Urfi Javed on political issues and stop her speaking, but it turned out to be the opposite, instead of playing on Kangana’s pitch, Urfi Javed brought Kangana to her pitch, and on Kangana’s tweet about Uniform Civil Code, Urfi Javed gave his witty reply and said, uniform would be a bad idea for me ma’am, I am famous only because of my clothes.

This answer of Urfi was amusing but it forced Kangana to start talking to Urfi on clothes, in fact she is an expert, because Urfi Javed remains in headlines because of her clothes. In response, Kangana starts giving them knowledge by telling the story of Mahadevi Akka and says that no one should be ashamed of their body or their clothes.

In the end, Kangana pulled herself out of this mess by giving lots of love to Urfi. The strange thing is that Kangana is giving the advice of not being ashamed of clothes and body to that alias Javed who actually gives the same message to others through her clothes. Overall, Kangana Ranaut must be regretting that she got into an argument with Urfi Javed. Kangana didn’t even understand how much fun Urfi Javed took away from her on doing Hindu Muslim in Bollywood, on Uniform Civil Code and making mistakes in English?


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