VMoto Enters Adventure Scooter Scene With CPx Explorer

VMoto, a pioneering force in the electric mobility arena with headquarters in Australia and China, unveiled its latest groundbreaking innovation at EICMA 2023—the CPx Explorer. This unveiling marks a significant stride in the electric vehicle domain, specifically targeting the thriving niche of adventure scooters.

The Advent of Adventure Scooters:

The realm of adventure scooters has witnessed a surge in interest, reminiscent of the trend set by Honda’s introduction of the X-ADV in 2016. Over the years, numerous manufacturers have embraced this trend, propelling the market forward. The emergence of electric motorcycles has further catalyzed this movement, leading to the inception of electric two-wheelers like the VMoto CPx Explorer, an early entrant in the electric adventure scooter domain.

Design and Features

CPx Explorer

Collaborating with the esteemed design house Pininfarina, VMoto has sculpted the CPx Explorer, drawing inspiration from the APD Concept. Immediately catching the eye, the scooter boasts a distinctive appearance characterized by LED lights, sharp body contours, and an elevated windscreen, enhancing rider comfort. Retaining the essence of a scooter, it integrates user-friendly attributes like a flat floorboard and an in-built rear luggage rack, ensuring practicality.


Under the hood, the VMoto CPx Explorer harbors an eight-kilowatt electric motor generating approximately 11 horsepower. This power propels the scooter to a top speed of around 65 miles per hour, ideal for urban commuting and occasional ventures beyond city limits. The battery capacity offers an impressive single-charge range of about 100 kilometers (62 miles), catering to practical usage scenarios.

VMoto’s initiative in introducing the CPx Explorer as a more adventurous platform built upon the success of the CPx Pro indicates reliability and sturdiness. The CPx Pro achieved a noteworthy feat, securing a Guinness World Record by covering 1,932 kilometers (1,200 miles) within 24 hours at Italy’s Tazio Nuvolari circuit. Details regarding pricing and availability for the new CPx Explorer are yet to be disclosed by VMoto. For enthusiasts keen on being early adopters, engaging with the nearest VMoto dealer for updates would be a prudent step forward.

In essence, the VMoto CPx Explorer represents a pioneering stride into the domain of electric adventure scooters, amalgamating innovation with practicality. As the electric mobility landscape expands, this introduction promises a thrilling new chapter in commuter convenience and eco-friendly travel options.

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