YoBykes Set to Launch High-Speed Electric Scooter and Bike, Redefining Indian Transportation

In a significant move poised to reshape the Indian transportation landscape, YoBykes, a visionary force in the electric vehicle (EV) sector, is gearing up for the unveiling of its cutting-edge High-Speed Electric Scooter and Electric Bike.

With an extensive customer base exceeding one lakh satisfied individuals, YoBykes stands as a trusted leader in the e-bike realm, holding the distinction of being the country’s top-selling electric vehicle manufacturer.

Guided by the visionary leadership of Managing Director Shailesh Bhandari, YoBykes is committed to furnishing seamless and eco-conscious transportation solutions to the Indian populace.

Firmly rooted in their dedication to accessible mobility and affordability, YoBykes is on a mission to alleviate the nation’s reliance on fossil fuels and mitigate the alarming pollution levels attributed to conventional automobiles.

The presence of an in-house R&D hub confers a competitive edge upon YoBykes within the electric mobility sphere.

Addressing environmental imperatives head-on, YoBykes conceived its mission back in 2000, followed by the assembly of a cadre of industry veterans and the establishment of a cutting-edge research and development facility in India in 2006, ushering in a new epoch for the Indian Automotive Industry.

In a bid to serve their clientele effectively, YoBykes has strategically positioned an extensive network of dealers across India, guaranteeing swift after-sales services and customer satisfaction.

Reflecting on the journey thus far, Shailesh Bhandari, Managing Director of YoBykes, expressed, “For over two decades, we’ve steadfastly pursued our vision. Our tireless efforts in educating the masses about the advantages of electric vehicles have propelled us to the vanguard. Even now, major players aspire to achieve the market presence we attained nearly two decades ago.”

As YoBykes sets its sights on the horizon, the company remains resolute in its commitment to innovation and technological advancement. A statement from the company affirms, “Our forthcoming plans involve integrating our dealerships with the introduction of advanced technologies.”

With an advanced Research and Development center already operational, YoBykes is on the brink of introducing a fresh lineup of high-speed scooters and motorcycles in the near future.

The brand’s commendable feats haven’t gone unnoticed on the global stage.

YoBykes has received an invitation to lead the EV business development in the African Subcontinent, showcasing its industry prowess and trailblazing innovation. Furthermore, the company’s dedication to honoring commitments is evident in its track record of surpassing delivery deadlines.

Amidst the global surge in the electric vehicle revolution, YoBykes is poised to perpetuate its legacy as an authentic industry pioneer.

Established in 2000, YoBykes stands as a trailblazing force in the electric vehicle sector, devoted to delivering inventive and sustainable mobility solutions.

Guided by a visionary approach and an unwavering focus on research and development, YoBykes envisions transforming India’s commuting landscape, thereby curbing the carbon footprint and fostering cleaner transportation alternatives.

With a storied history dating back to 2000, YoBykes continues to spearhead the electric vehicle movement in India, consistently setting unprecedented standards of excellence within the industry.


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