Introducing the Ultraviolette F77 Space Edition Electric Motorcycle in India

Ultraviolette, the Indian electric motorcycle startup, is making waves with its F77 electric naked bike. Unlike typical electric scooters, the F77 boasts sporty styling and impressive performance akin to traditional gas-powered bikes in the 300cc to 400cc range.

Now, Ultraviolette is expanding its lineup with the F77 Space Edition, a limited-run model that takes performance and features to new heights. Only 10 units of this unique edition will be available.

Staying true to the F77’s sharp design, the F77 Space Edition shares its bodywork and angular LED headlight with the Recon and Standard models. What sets it apart is the striking Cosmic White color scheme, featuring a captivating white and orange two-tone finish that stands out like a character from Star Wars.

Ultraviolette has utilized top-tier aerospace-grade materials, including 7075-grade aluminum, for the construction of the F77 Space Edition. This special edition also comes with UV-resistant paint and an aluminum key. On the tech side, it’s equipped with fast-charging capabilities, a five-inch TFT display, various ride modes, Wi-Fi connectivity, Smartphone pairing, and navigation.

Under the hood, the F77 Space Edition packs a 30.2 kilowatt motor producing around 40 horsepower and 100 Newton-meters of torque, providing a smooth power delivery across all rev ranges. The motorcycle can achieve a top speed of 152 kilometers per hour (about 95 miles per hour) and offers an impressive range of 307 kilometers (192 miles) on a single charge, although real-world range may differ based on factors such as terrain and riding habits.

Considering the exclusivity and enhanced features, the F77 Space Edition is priced at Rs 560,000 (approximately $6,742 USD), making it a premium choice compared to the Recon version, which costs Rs 100,000 ($1,200 USD) less. For reference, the standard F77 starts at Rs 380,000 (about $4,575 USD), providing excellent value considering its features and performance. Keep in mind that only a limited number of the F77 Space Edition will be available, adding to its desirability.


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