Meet the QJ Motor OAO Pro: A Stylish Rival to the Electric Kawasaki Ninja

If you’re looking for an affordable electric motorcycle, there’s a new option on the horizon that caters to sport bike enthusiasts. QJ Motor, a major Chinese company, has introduced the OAO Pro (also known as RX), an entry-level sport bike designed to compete with the upcoming electric Kawasaki Ninja.

Sleek Design of QJ Motor OAO Pro

The OAO Pro boasts a sleek and captivating sport bike design. Its front features twin LED headlights and an aerodynamic windscreen, complemented by muscular fairings housing LED turn signals. The rear end continues the style with edgy panels and an LED tail lamp. Notable details include a swingarm-mounted license plate holder, tan brown saddles, and distinctive diamond-cut alloy wheels. The fairing even conceals the charging port beneath the company logo.

Essential Features of the OAO Pro

QJ Motor has taken a simpler approach to features, offering a blue backlit LCD instrument cluster with basic information, a USB port, and dual-channel ABS. Additionally, a storage space replaces the traditional fuel tank, providing room for a helmet.

Performance and Range of the OAO Pro

Powered by a mid-mounted 10kW electric motor (~14 horsepower at peak), the OAO Pro achieves a top speed of just over 60 mph, primarily designed for city commuting. Despite modest figures, the Pro incorporates a four-speed transmission, delivering a more authentic motorcycle experience. Its nearly 6.5 kWh battery pack offers a range of 105 miles, taking approximately four hours to recharge fully with the supplied charger. Charging technology details such as battery-swapping or fast charging are yet to be disclosed.

Suspension and Wheels

The OAO Pro’s suspension consists of upside-down forks and a monoshock. The 17-inch alloy wheels at both ends accommodate single disc brakes. Weighing 361 pounds and featuring a 30.7-inch saddle height, the bike aims for accessibility.

Possible Arrival in America

QJ Motor’s expansion into the American market raises the possibility of the OAO Pro being introduced there. As the company establishes its presence with internal combustion engine (ICE) offerings, the electric OAO Pro might follow suit. With an expected competitive price point, potentially lower than the upcoming e-Ninja, the OAO Pro’s price in China is approximately $4,000.


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