Kabira Mobility KM 5000 Price, Launch Date, and Specifications

In the realm of electric two-wheelers, Kabira Mobility takes the spotlight with the unveiling of its flagship electric bike, the KM5000. This remarkable vehicle boasts an impressive top speed of 188 kilometers per hour and a remarkable range of 344 kilometers on a solitary charge. Set to grace the market in the upcoming year, the company intends to roll out the KM5000 with deliveries projected to commence in the year 2024.

Kabira Mobility KM 5000 Price and launch date

The KM5000 offers a variety of choices when it comes to colors. The shades of Midnight Grey, Deep Khaki, and Aquamarine present potential buyers with diverse options. With a starting price of Rs 3,15,000 (Ex-Showroom Goa), the KM5000 is poised to captivate electric vehicle enthusiasts. The official launch of the KM5000 is earmarked for the fall of 2023, while the actual delivery of the vehicles is set to take place in the following year.

ICE vehicles vs Electic vehicle

Jaibir Siwach, the CEO of Kabira Mobility, expressed his conviction in the potential of electric bikes to rival and even surpass their internal combustion engine counterparts. He remarked, “We are continually pushing the boundaries of what electric bikes can achieve. The KM5000 is a testament to our belief that electric bikes now offer performance and safety that stand shoulder-to-shoulder with conventional ICE vehicles.” This declaration emphasizes the company’s commitment to innovation and progress in the electric vehicle sector.

Kabira Mobility lineup

Kabira Mobility has a lineup of exciting products in the pipeline, slated for introduction into the market in the near future. This promising statement hints at the company’s determination to remain at the forefront of the electric vehicle industry, delivering cutting-edge solutions to the discerning consumer base.


The KM5000 comes equipped with two charging alternatives that cater to diverse needs. A high-speed boost charger facilitates rapid charging, enabling the vehicle to go from 0 to 80 percent charge in less than two hours. On the other hand, a standard charger is designed for overnight charging, making it convenient for users to recharge their vehicles during non-operational hours.

Famous bike of Kabira Mobility

Kabira Mobility first made its presence felt in the electric vehicle market with the introduction of the KM3000 and KM4000 e-bikes in February 2021. This marked the company’s initial foray into the realm of electric mobility, setting the stage for its subsequent accomplishments and innovations.

Power and Performence

At the heart of the KM5000 lies an 11.6 kWh water-cooled LFP battery pack, ensuring an unmatched range of 344 kilometers on a single charge. The bike is not only powerful but also equipped with intelligent features to provide a seamless riding experience.


The KM5000 boasts a 7-inch smart touch screen digital dashboard that integrates 4G connectivity. This futuristic interface offers turn-by-turn navigation, music control, and comprehensive vehicle information. Additionally, the dashboard provides insights into riding habits and battery health, along with advanced diagnostics features to ensure optimal vehicle performance.

Safety Features

With a focus on rider safety, the KM5000 incorporates twin front and single rear disc brakes equipped with dual-channel ABS. This setup enhances safety and control, especially during braking maneuvers. Nitrox rear suspensions and inverted front forks by Showa contribute to a comfortable riding experience, even during extended journeys.

Exciting Features

The KM5000 is engineered with various intelligent features to elevate the riding experience. These include a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS), side step, saree guard, fast charging capabilities, park assist, fall sensors, and elevation stabilizer. Additionally, the bike is fitted with projector headlamps to enhance visibility during nighttime rides, along with front and rear LED headlamps and indicators featuring DRLs.

Personalization Accessories

In addition to its impressive configurations, Kabira Mobility is set to introduce a range of accessories that enable users to personalize their riding experience. This initiative aligns with the company’s dedication to offering not only high-performance vehicles but also opportunities for riders to tailor their journeys to their unique preferences.


In a significant development, Kabira Mobility secured a substantial investment of USD 50 million through a Series A funding round. This funding infusion, facilitated by Qatar-based Al-Abdulla group, serves as a catalyst for the company’s expansion plans, focusing on bolstering manufacturing capabilities and enhancing the sales network.


The Kabira Mobility KM5000 sets a new benchmark in the world of electric two-wheelers. With its exceptional performance, advanced features, and commitment to rider safety, the KM5000 exemplifies the evolution of electric mobility. As Kabira Mobility paves the way for a sustainable and innovative future, the KM5000 stands as a testament to their vision and dedication.


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