QJ Motor’s OAO Pro Electric Sportbike Unveiled: Impressive 170km Battery Range

Exploring the RX Electric Motorcycle Concept

The realm of electric motorcycles is ever-evolving, and while Ola Electric’s innovative motorcycle concepts are causing quite a stir in India, the spotlight is now turning to the Chinese market’s latest addition: the OAO Pro electric motorcycle. This cutting-edge creation hails from the renowned Chinese two-wheeler powerhouse, QJ Motor.

Unveiling the Evolution: From RX Concept to OAO Pro

Debuting as the RX concept at EICMA 2022, the OAO Pro has undergone remarkable transformations since its initial reveal. Notably, its battery range has received a significant boost, elevating it to an impressive 170km, a substantial increase from the previous 120km. Driving the heart of this electric marvel is a mid-mounted motor, peaking at an impressive 10kW, drawing energy from a potent 6.4kWh battery pack.

Redefining Riding Dynamics: The Unconventional Four-Speed Transmission

Setting the OAO Pro apart is its unique four-speed transmission system, a rarity within the realm of electric vehicles. This unconventional feature promises a riding experience akin to traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles, bringing a touch of familiarity to the world of gearless electric bikes. However, despite this innovation, the top speed of 96kmph falls short of the anticipated velocity for an electric sportbike. To provide context, the recently tested Ultraviolette F77 Recon boasts an impressive top speed of 147kmph.

Embracing Practicality: Weight, Accessibility, and Features

On a positive note, the QJ OAO Pro maintains a lightweight profile, weighing in at 164kg. This nimble quality positions it as an ideal choice for daily commuting, promising a zippy and efficient ride. Furthermore, its seat height of 790mm ensures accessibility for shorter riders, amplifying its practicality and inclusivity.

A host of notable features embellish the OAO Pro, including standard ABS, an LCD console, an illuminating full-LED lighting system, and a convenient USB charging port. The motorcycle’s captivating design harmonizes with QJ’s lineup of internal combustion engine (ICE) motorcycles, showcasing a cohesive and appealing aesthetic.

A Glimpse of Affordability and Unfortunate Exclusivity

In the Chinese market, QJ Motor has positioned the OAO Pro electric motorcycle at an inviting price point of 29,999 Yuan, approximately equivalent to Rs 3.45 lakh. This competitive pricing adds to its allure, promising remarkable value for the features and performance it offers. However, the unfortunate news for Indian enthusiasts is that the OAO Pro will not grace the Indian market in the foreseeable future.

In Conclusion

As Ola Electric dominates headlines in India with its groundbreaking concepts, the QJ OAO Pro emerges as a formidable contender in the electric motorcycle arena. With its enhanced battery range, distinctive transmission system, practical design, and affordability in the Chinese market, the OAO Pro showcases the ongoing innovation within the world of electric two-wheelers. Although it might not journey to Indian roads at present, its presence reverberates globally, embodying the progression and ingenuity driving the electric mobility revolution.


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