Tesla Spied Inside Mahindra Plant –Mahindra’s Electric SUVs vs. Tesla Model Y

In the dynamic realm of electric vehicles (EVs), automakers are continuously pushing boundaries to maintain competitiveness. This holds true for Mahindra, the Indian automotive behemoth, which is leaving no stone unturned as it navigates the electric vehicle landscape. As the world pivots towards sustainable transport, Mahindra is carving its path within the EV sector, preparing to unveil a series of novel electric SUVs under its BE, XUV.e, Thar.e, Scorpio.e, and Bolero.e lineups. To ensure these upcoming EVs make their mark, Mahindra seems to have chosen an intriguing yardstick – none other than the formidable Tesla Model Y.

Unveiling the Enigma: Tesla Model Y Spotted Inside Mahindra’s Pune Facility

In recent times, astute observers at Carversal have caught sight of a Tesla Model Y within Mahindra’s Pune facility, triggering curiosity and sparking discussions around this unexpected convergence. Among Mahindra’s imminent e-SUVs, the XUV.e8 is slated for launch in December 2024, followed by the XUV.e9 in April 2025, BE.05 in October 2025, and BE.07 in April 2026, among others. The sighting of the Model Y on Mahindra’s premises has given rise to speculation that Mahindra is inclined to benchmark against the Tesla SUV, particularly its exceptional aerodynamic profile boasting a remarkable 0.23 Cd (drag coefficient).

A Game of Aerodynamics: Crucial for Mahindra’s Ambitious Moves

The aerodynamics of a vehicle play a pivotal role in its overall performance, especially for EVs. A lower drag coefficient (Cd) translates to less air resistance as the vehicle moves. Tesla’s Model Y, with its impressive 0.23 Cd, currently holds the title of the most aerodynamically efficient electric SUV in the market. To provide context, other renowned e-SUVs like the Mustang Mach-E (0.3 Cd), Jaguar i-Pace (0.29 Cd), Hyundai Ioniq 5 (0.288 Cd), Audi e-Tron, Kia EV6 (0.28 Cd), and Mercedes-Benz EQC (0.27 Cd) trail behind.

Why does this emphasis on aerodynamics matter for Mahindra? The answer likely lies in their ambitious endeavor to introduce their inaugural coupe model, the XUV800 Coupe, featuring an electric variant – the XUV.e9 Coupe. Optimizing vehicle shape and design for enhanced aerodynamic efficiency could yield advantages such as improved top speed, extended range (for both internal combustion and electric models), and overall heightened efficiency. While other factors might contribute to Mahindra’s interest in the Model Y, the priority placed on aerodynamics aligns with global automotive standards.

Comparing Dimensions and Specs

Tesla’s Model Y, the smallest SUV in its lineup, measures 4750 mm in length, 1978 mm in width, 1624 mm in height, and boasts a wheelbase of 2890 mm, with a ground clearance of 167 mm. Equipped with a battery pack of up to 81 kWh, the Long Range AWD model offers an impressive 525 km of range on a single charge.

In contrast, Mahindra’s forthcoming electric SUVs pledge similar attributes, featuring up to 80 kWh battery capacity and a twin-motor AWD configuration projected to deliver around 675 km of range. While specifics might vary slightly, the parallels in performance characteristics are evident.

Tesla’s Prospects in India

Worth noting is Tesla’s ongoing dialogue with the Indian government to establish a new manufacturing facility in the country. Rumors also swirl about the possibility of Tesla locally assembling Model S, 3, X, and Y. These developments align with India’s thrust towards electric mobility and its aspiration to become a key player in the global EV arena.


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