Bharat NCAP Launching on Aug 22 for Enhancing Vehicle Safety and Global Competitiveness

On August 22, 2023, Nitin Gadkari, the Union Minister of Road Transport and Highways, is set to introduce the Bharat New Car Assessment Programme (Bharat NCAP), marking a pivotal step in fortifying road safety and bolstering the safety standards of motor vehicles weighing up to 3.5 tonnes in India. The launch of this program underscores the government’s steadfast commitment to advancing road safety measures.

The core objective of the Bharat NCAP is to furnish prospective car buyers with a comprehensive tool for evaluating and contrasting the crash safety attributes of diverse motor vehicles available in the market. This program mandates manufacturers to voluntarily subject their vehicles to rigorous testing procedures in accordance with the Automotive Industry Standard (AIS) 197. Following these tests, cars will be assigned star ratings for both Adult Occupant Protection (AOP) and Child Occupant Protection (COP), equipping potential buyers with a reliable means to assess safety standards and make well-informed purchasing decisions.

These star ratings represent the performance of vehicles in meticulously simulated crash scenarios, providing a tangible benchmark for consumers. By leveraging these ratings, consumers gain the ability to discern the safety features of different vehicles, empowering them to make astute choices when selecting a vehicle to purchase.

Anticipated outcomes include an increased demand for safer automobiles, compelling manufacturers to align with consumer preferences for enhanced safety. This thrust towards elevated safety benchmarks is poised to augment the global competitiveness of Indian vehicles, amplifying export prospects for local automakers. Concurrently, the Bharat NCAP aspires to cultivate a safety-centric automobile market in India, cultivating a culture that places paramount importance on safety when making vehicular selections. With this initiative, road safety takes center stage, paving the way for a safer and more competitive automotive landscape.


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