Mahindra Thar EV: Confirmed for Production by Anand Mahindra after Striking Debut

Mahindra Thar holds its position as one of the nation’s most beloved lifestyle SUVs. Recently, in a grand event situated in South Africa, the company took the wraps off the electrifying rendition of the Mahindra Thar. Named the Mahindra Thar.e, this EV concept introduces a forward-looking design housing an electric motor beneath its sleek exterior. Impressively, it promises to match the performance of a conventional ICE-powered Thar. While many automakers showcase their visions through concept vehicles, only a select few manage to transition to the production stage. The Mahindra Thar EV sets itself apart as Anand Mahindra has unequivocally stated that it’s not confined to the realm of concepts—it’s on track to become a tangible reality. Anand Mahindra took to Twitter, stating, “Nope. Not just a concept. From the moment we all saw the prototype we were committed to making this a reality…”

Built upon the INGLO-born electric platform, the Mahindra Thar EV boasts a cutting-edge, high-performance AWD electric powertrain. The vehicle’s construction is a testament to its eco-conscious approach, with 50% recycled PET and recyclable uncoated plastics utilized in its assembly. Furthermore, the Mahindra Thar EV stands as a testament to innovative electric SUV engineering, featuring adaptable, modular, and swappable components.

Mahindra’s current focus is centered around the impending launch of the 5-door Thar in India, projected for the upcoming year. The car has already made appearances in various spy shots, eliciting excitement within the nation’s community of automotive enthusiasts.


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