Fronx NCAP Rating 2023: Analyzing Its Revolutionary Safety Features and Potential NCAP Rating!

Fronx NCAP rating is not available as this compact SUV is recently launched., so its crash testing has not yet been done by Global NCAP or any other safety rating organization. But if we look closely at the platform that make it, airbags, safety features, then it can be estimated the safety rating.

6 Safety Features That Will Help Estimate the Fronx NCAP Rating


How safe any car will be depends on its structure and strength of front, side and rear side and how strong its structure can be gauged from the NCAP ratings of earlier vehicles built on that platform.

Maruti Fronx is given strong platform plus structure which is built on Heartect platform, Baleno is also based on the same platform which did not perform very well in Global NCAP. However, the company says that the Baleno 2022 version has been redesigned with a stronger structure that has become heavier and stronger than the old Baleno and the Fronx is even stronger. The Fronx weighs 1450 kg and the turbo version weighs 1480 kg, which is more than the Baleno.

Total Effective Control Technology

Suzuki has developed the Fronx on the Total Effective Control Technology concept, the company has named this new technology as TECT. This technology effectively absorbs the crash energy at the time of an accident, thereby reducing the impact of the strokes. High tensile steel is used to make its major parts which makes the Fronx strong, light and safe.

Maruti Fronx performs well in NCAP rating, for this the company has successfully tested full frontal impact, offset impact, side impact in compliance with international safety standards.

Seat Belt Pre-Tensioners With Force Limiters

The seat belt pre tensioner restrains the passengers and the force limiters prevent injury inflicted by the seat belt.


The Fronx comes with Anti-Lock Braking System which prevents the wheels from locking up under heavy braking and the EBD (Electronic Braking Distribution) provided in the car ensures an efficient and effective braking.

Pedestrian Protection Compliance

Advanced sensitive sensors have been used in the Maruti Suzuki Fronx which detects human movement and automatically applies brakes when required. This not only ensures the safety of the people sitting in the car but also the safety of the pedestrians.

Airbags, ISOFIX child seat anchorage and other features

It also has ISOFIX child seat anchorage for the safety of children along with 6 airbags. Along with this, features like 360° view camera, Electronic Stability Program (ESP), parking sensor and hill hold assistant have also been provided in it.

Assumption: Fronx NCAP Rating

Maruti Suzuki has always disappointed people in terms of safety ratings. Finally Maruti has started focusing on the safety of the people considering the lot of complaints of the people and the need of the market. Looking at the safety features of Maruti Fronx, it can be guessed that Maruti Fronx can get 4 or 5 stars in NCAP rating. The Fronx could possibly become the first car from Maruti Suzuki to get the highest safety rating.

NOTE: Keep in mind that the above rating is just an estimate based on the safety features mentioned by the company, you should wait for the crash tests to be published by any organization providing safety ratings.

Q1. Is sunroof available in Fronx?

Ans: The Maruti Fronx is a compact SUV, Which has 12 variants. The company has not given a sunroof in any of its variants.

Q2. What is the Fronx Safety rating 2023?

Ans: Maruti Fronx has been launched recently so its crash testing has not yet been done by any organization.

Q3. What is the ground clearance of the Fronx?

Ans: The ground clearance of Maruti Fronx is 190 mm which is slightly less than that of Grand Vitara Brezza (198 mm). But it’s cool.

Q4. What is on-road price of the Fronx?

Ans: The Fronx comes in 12 variants, priced between Rs 7.47 lakh to Rs 13.14 lakh, ex-showroom. The on-road price of the base variant in Delhi will be around ₹ 8.51 Lakh, which may vary from state to state.

Q5. What is the price of the Fronx top model?

Ans: The ex-showroom price of the top model of Maruti Fronx is Rs 13.14 Lakh. Its on-road price in Delhi will be around Rs 15.27 lakhs. Which may differ state and city wise.

Q6. What is the Fronx NCAP rating?

Ans: Maruti Suzuki Fronx got 5 star NCAP rating, this is wrong information given by websites. Fronx is not tested by any NCAP. Read more about NCAP rating of fronx.


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