Ola Electric’s New S1 E-Scooter Lineup Achieves Remarkable 75,000 Bookings in Just 15 Days

Ola Electric, a prominent player in the two-wheeler manufacturing sector, has recently made significant strides in its electric scooter offerings. Presenting a range of 5 innovative products, these new additions are priced competitively, starting from Rs 90,000 and ranging up to Rs 1.5 lakh (ex-showroom). The unveiling of the S1 lineup has generated an unprecedented response from enthusiastic customers.

Booking Surge for Ola S1 E-Scooter Lineup

The brand proudly reveals that within a mere fortnight, the S1 lineup has amassed an astonishing 75,000 pre-bookings, with this number growing exponentially by the day.

A Glimpse of Company Statements on Booking Achievement

Reflecting on this remarkable achievement, an official spokesperson from the company stated, “We are immensely gratified by the overwhelming reception that our new S1 lineup has garnered. Our swift and focused approach is geared towards bolstering the nation’s leadership in the realm of electrification. With our revamped assortment of scooters, including the S1 Pro, S1 X range, and the recently introduced S1 Air model, traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) options pale in comparison.”

Advantages Highlighted for the S1X Model

The company asserts that those who opt for the S1X model instead of conventional ICE scooters stand to save up to Rs 2,600 monthly and an impressive Rs 30,000 annually on maintenance and fuel expenses. Ola further asserts that S1X customers can recoup the entire vehicle cost within a span of just three years.

Savings Projections for S1 Air Model

Customers currently owning or considering the S1 Air variant can potentially save up to Rs 1,900 per month, equating to nearly Rs 23,000 annually.

Introduction of Ola’s S1X Variants

In an exciting development, Ola has unveiled three distinct variants of the S1X modelS1 X+, S1 X (2kWh), and S1 X (3kWh) on August 15th. Both the S1 X+ and S1 X (3kWh) iterations feature a robust 3kWh battery pack, delivering a claimed range exceeding 150 km. Additionally, these e-scooters boast a formidable 6kW motor, achieving a top speed of 90kph.


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