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River has finally commenced the mass production of its maiden electric two-wheeler, the Indie. We recently rode it, and here’s our take on what the Indie electric scooter is like.

A Unique Appearance

The Indie looks quite different from other electric scooters currently sold in India. It boasts two large LED headlights that dominate its fascia, giving it a distinct look.

Functional Design

With its boxy bodywork, the Indie incorporates utility features such as handle-like crash guards, foldable footpegs, and pannier mounts. The Indie manages to maintain balanced proportions throughout its design. Notably, it offers ample space for both the rider and the pillion, including a spacious floorboard for additional luggage storage.

Quality and Finish

The Indie’s build and paint quality meet high standards, with flush-fitting panel components. Most of its parts exude sturdiness and a premium feel. However, there is room for improvement in the finish of the switch cubes, as they exhibit inconsistencies in click feedback.

Power and Performance

River equips the Indie with a 4kWh battery pack and a 4.5kW motor, offering a maximum range of 120km and a top speed of 90kmph in Rush mode. Riding the Indie is a smooth experience, thanks to its seamless acceleration.

Multiple Riding Modes

The Indie offers three distinct ride modes: Eco, Ride, and Rush. The Eco mode is ideal for city commuting when less power is required. The Ride mode provides a bit more power, making overtaking effortless. The Rush mode is the fastest, with the speedometer reaching up to 90kmph.

Braking System

The Indie’s brakes deliver solid performance, and the combined braking system functions effectively, ensuring rapid speed reduction. However, the brake levers may require some effort to operate due to their slightly distant position from the handlebars.

Ample Storage

One of the standout features of the Indie electric scooter is its generous storage capacity. It features a 43-litre underseat compartment capable of accommodating a full-face helmet, along with an additional 12 litres of storage in the front glovebox. Moreover, it includes a dedicated slot for your phone and a USB charging port for added convenience.

Ride Comfort

The Indie is equipped with telescopic front forks and dual rear shocks. While the front suspension provides a comfortable ride, the rear suspension can feel somewhat firm over uneven terrain. However, with a pillion rider on board, the suspension tends to adapt better, offering a more comfortable experience. The larger 14-inch wheels contribute to smoother rides over rough surfaces.

Exploring Further

For a deeper understanding of the Indie’s features, range, value for money, and more, we recommend reading our detailed River Indie first ride review.


In conclusion, the River Indie electric scooter presents a unique and promising option in the Indian market. Its distinctive design, solid build quality, and versatile performance modes make it a compelling choice for urban commuters. The spacious storage options and ride comfort further enhance its appeal. However, potential buyers are encouraged to explore our comprehensive first ride review for a thorough evaluation of its features and value proposition.


Q1. Is the River Indie available nationwide?

Ans: Yes, River plans to make the Indie electric scooter available across India.

Q2. What is the Indie’s expected price range?

Ans: For pricing details, please refer to our first ride review.

Q3. Does the Indie offer smartphone connectivity?

Ans: Yes, the Indie comes with smartphone connectivity features for added convenience.

Q4. How does the Indie compare to other electric scooters in its segment?

Ans: To compare the Indie with other electric scooters, please read our detailed review.

Q5. Are there any color options available for the Indie?

Ans: The available color options for the Indie may vary, so check with your nearest River dealership for details.

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