Ultraviolette F77 Price in India, Launch Date and Mileage

Ultraviolette F77 Launch Date in India

The Ultraviolette F77 has been launched on 24 November 2022, the pre-production version of which was shown at an event in 2019. A removable battery was used in its prototype, but a non-removable battery has been used in the launched UV f77, due to which more space has been available to pack a bigger and more powerful battery. Due to this, its range has increased by 30-40%.

Ultraviolette F77 Specifications

Fuel TypeElectric
Infotainment5 Inch Touchscreen Display
Motor TypePermanent Magnet AC Motor
Motor Power30.2 Kw
IDC Certified Range307
Top Speed152 kmph
Max Torque100Nm
Riding ModeGlide, Combat, Ballistic, Park Assist
Fast Charging SupportYes
0-40 Kmph Acceleration2.9sec
0-100 Kmph Acceleration7.8sec
Battery PackSRB10
Battery Capacity10.3 kWh
Battery safetyIP67 (Water & Dust Resistance)
Rear Disk BreakYes
Front Disk BreakYes
Ultraviolette F77 specifications

Ultraviolette F77 Battery Capacity

Ultraviolette F77 Battery

The battery capacity of Ultraviolette F77 is 8.3 kWh which comes with SRB10 battery pack. This patented 5 level protection system is equipped with mechanical, thermal, electrical, electronic and software protection as well as BMS (Battery Management System). This is much bigger than any two wheeler battery pack ever. It has an all-aluminum IP67 rating for protection against water and dust.

The F77 Battery Charger and Time

The UV F77 supports standard charger, boost charger and fast charger. The standard charger gives a range of 35 km on a 1-hour charge and the boost charger gives a range of 75 km on a 1-hour charge. The standard charger and boost charger are designed to charge through a standard 15 amp home socket.

Ultraviolette F77 Variant

Ultraviolette F77 Limited

There are three variants of this electric bike available F77 Original, F77 Recon, and F77 Limited. In terms of design looks, all the three variants are similar. Battery capacity, mileage, charging options and battery warranty make all three different from each other.

UV F77 Performance

Ultraviolette F77 Top Speed

The top speed of Ultraviolette F77 is 152 kmph. This electric sport bike is equipped with powerful permanent magnet AC motor. Which catches the speed of 0 to 60 km in 2.9 seconds and the speed of 0 to 100 km in 7.8 seconds.

UV Motor and Power

Ultra Violet F77 Motor

Equipped with a permanent magnet AC motor, the F77 produces 30.2 kW (40.5 hp) of max power and 100 Nm of max torque. Which helps it achieve a top speed of 152 kmph.

Ultraviolette F77 Mileage

The e-bike comes with four riding modes Glide, Combat, Ballistic and Park Assist (forward reverse with regulated speed). The Ultraviolette F77 delivers a maximum IDC certified mileage of 307 km. As you know, there are three variants of this electric bike available in the market and all three variants have different IDC certified range.

UV VariantMileage
F77 Original206 km
F77 Recon307 km
F77 Limited307 km
Ultraviolette F77 Mileage

UV F77 Real World Mileage

Here’s a real world mileage and energy consumption per kilometer of the top model of the Ultraviolette F77 in all three riding modes.

Mileage in Different Riding ModeEnergy ConsumptionMileage (km/charge)
Range (IDC certified)307 km
Range GlideAvg. 40 Wh/km261 km
Range CombatAvg. 52 Wh/km200 km
Range BallisticAvg. 60 Wh/km171 km
UV F77 Real World Mileage

Ultraviolette Color

The F77 Original and F77 Recon come in three colors – Supersonic Silver, Stealth Grey and Plasma Red, while its top model F77 Limited Edition comes in only one color – Meteor Grey + Afterburner Yellow.

Ultraviolette F77 Warranty

The company is offering a warranty of 3 years/30,000 kms on all variants of the F77 vehicle and 3 years/30,000 kms on the base model battery, 5 years/50000 kms on the Recon model battery and 8 years/100000 kms on the limited edition battery.

Ultraviolette F77 price in India

The Ultraviolette F77 price in India ranges from Rs 3.8 lakh to Rs 5.5 lakh.

UV F77 VariantPrice (Ex-showroom)
F77 OriginalRs 3.8 lakh
F77 ReconRs 4.55 lakh
F77 LimitedRs 5.5 lakh
Ultraviolete F77 price in India

Ultraviolette Booking

Bookings for Ultraviolette F77 will start from 28 October 2022, it will be launched in Bengaluru in the first phase and other parts of India in the second phase and in the third phase it will be launched worldwide.

UV F77 Tech Features


Ultra Violet F77 Infotainment

Ultraviolette F77 comes with multifunctions 5 inch TFT display instrument cluster which runs on UV Automotive Linux OS operating system.


The UV F77 supports LTE 4G connectivity with integrated eSIM as well as connectivity features like WLAN, Bluetooth, GPS/GLONASS.

Smart Features

The UV F77 is equipped with several smart features such as Ambient Light Sensor (ALS) with Adaptive Dashboard Brightness, GNSS Enabled Real-Time Position and Velocity Discovery. Along with this, the bike’s ride history, vehicle locator, maps with real-time traffic information (powered by MapMyIndia) can be monitored from the dashboard of the F77.

Apart from this, important information related to the health of bike such as temperature, voltage, current sensors with active tracking and efficiency mapping can be tracked.

The UV F77 is equipped with Sensor Fusion technology Shock and Impact sensor for Fall and Crash Detection technology that can be monitored through the Ultraviolette smartphone app.

Ultraviolette F77 Safety Features

Ultraviolette F77 comes with several advanced security features such as side stand sensor, theft alert, geofencing, lockdown mode, emergency contact alert, fall and crash sensor.

Ultraviolette F77 Mechanical Specifications

Ultra Violet F77 Disc break
Front SuspensionUpside-down Telescopic fork with a
diameter of 41 mm.
Rear SuspensionMonoshock – preload adjustable
Brake SystemHydraulic disc brakes with dual-channel BOSCH ABS
Brake RotorFront: 320mm disc Rear: 230mm disc
TyresFront: 110/70 R17 Rear: 150/60 R17
UV F77 Mechanical Specifications

Looks and Design

Ultraviolette F77 looks and design

The Ultraviolette F series features an aerostric jet inspired design. It is a premium electric bike in terms of price. Its V signature LED headlight and raised tank give the bike a sporty look. The design of the side covering the battery and chassis matches the design of the front and rear. At the rear, there is an LED tail light along with the number plate and LED side indicators at the front and rear. It is a medium height bike with long handlebar.

Elevate Your Ride

To make your experience better, the company provides many optional features like Aero wheel Disc, Crash Guards, Lever Guard, Panniers etc.

How to book Ultraviolette F77?

The booking for Ultraviolette F77 starts from 23 October 2022. It can be prebooked from its official website by paying a token amount of 10000.

Dose Ultraviolette F77 have gears?

No, the Ultraviolette F77 does not have gears. It can be accelerated with a simple twist of the throttle.

Does the F77 need a license?

Yes the F77 requires a license to operate! No license is required to drive an electric vehicle with a maximum power less than 250W or a maximum speed of 25 kmph. But the Ultraviolette F77 is a powerful electric bike, capable of generating a maximum power of 31kW.

How does the battery react to extreme temperatures?

The F77 has been tested in some of the harshest environments. Its battery pack is designed to operate in temperatures ranging from 0°C to 55°C, its Smart Battery Management System is programmed to protect the battery pack under all conditions.

What happens if I don’t use the my F77 for an extended period of time?

The easiest way to conserve the F77 battery is to leave your vehicle plugged in for charging when you will not be using the vehicle for long periods.

In the event of a crash, what would be the impact on the F77 motorcycle?

Prioritizes rider safety through multiple levels of ultraviolet protection. The motorcycle and battery come with several breakthrough-safe mechanisms, such as after a crash the vehicle will shut down to protect itself from any abnormal functionality and send an SOS to the emergency contact.

Does the F77 need a number plate?

Yes the F77 requires a number plate! Number plate is not required for electric vehicle with maximum power less than 250W or maximum speed of 25 kmph.

Note: Actual range for your vehicle will vary depending on configuration, age and condition of the battery, driving style and operation, environmental and climatic conditions. Range estimation on vehicle display
Remaining battery energy, IDC-rated consumption, will be based on your personal driving patterns and outdoor conditions. The range displayed on the screen may decrease faster than the actual distance


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