Audi electric cars to be made in India: an update from the head of Audi India

Balbir Dhillon, the leader of Audi India, reveals exciting news about the brand’s electric vehicle (EV) plans. Audi is on a mission to introduce 20 electric cars globally by 2025, and this number will rise to 25 by 2030. The best part is that some of these remarkable EVs will be manufactured right here in India. The decision to bring these cars to our country hinges on their success in the global market.

Audi’s Transition to Full Electric: A Look Ahead

Audi is making strides towards becoming an all-electric car company by 2033. While specific numbers for the coming year aren’t disclosed, the broader vision is clear. By 2025, Audi will have unveiled 20 electric cars worldwide, followed by an additional 25 by 2030. India will be a part of this journey, hosting the creation of some of these cutting-edge vehicles. As we navigate this transformation, more electric models will undoubtedly grace our roads, although the exact count remains a mystery.

Audi’s Roadmap for India and Growth Predictions for 2024

Our overarching strategy for India aligns with our global ambition to transition into a fully electric car company. This evolution will span a decade, culminating in 2033. We’re already steering in that direction. Our approach involves prioritizing top-tier offerings, exemplified by models like the Q8 e-tron and Q8 Sportback e-tron. These premium products cater to diverse customer preferences.

With four car launches imminent in India, and more on the horizon, we’re committed to a top-down approach that strengthens our brand. The initial half of this year saw nearly double the sales, and we’re confident in sustaining this momentum for the latter half. Considering the industry’s growth trajectory, we anticipate double-digit expansion next year, mirroring the sector’s progress.

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