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Honda SC e Concept: The Future of Electric Scooters Unveiled; Expected Launch Date

In the field of electric vehicles, Honda is making a series of unprecedented innovations. Among them, the eagerly awaited electric Activa takes center stage. Set to grace the roads of India in the coming year, Honda has shared a sneak peek of its latest creation: the Honda SC E Concept electric scooter.

  • A Glimpse into the Sporty E-Scooter Innovation
  • A Potential Platform for the Next Electric Activa
  • Global Debut Set for Japan Mobility Show

This cutting-edge electric scooter concept is all set to make its grand debut at the much-awaited Japan Mobility Show. In an unexpected move, Honda has chosen to tease enthusiasts a full month before the event. Despite the attractive glimpse, specific details related to this concept are shrouded in mystery, the only revelation being the use of swappable battery technology.

Tokyo Motor Show

Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India is actively progressing with its electric vehicle initiatives for the next decade. The company has unveiled the concept version of its electric scooter, named Honda SC e, which is set to make its global debut at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show. The event, scheduled from October 25 to November 5, will also feature the display of other models including Speciality Sports, SUSTANIA-C, POCKET, and CI-MEV.

Honda SC e Concept: Expected Launch Date

Although official details are yet to be released, it is anticipated that the Honda SC e Concept EV will provide a glimpse of one of Honda’s upcoming electric vehicles planned for launch in India in 2024. As per Honda’s comprehensive plan, two new electric two-wheelers are slated for the next year. One of these electric vehicles will feature a mid-range design with a fixed battery, while the other will come with a swappable battery unit.

Honda SC e Concept: Sleek Design

Honda SC e Concept EV

When it comes to aesthetics, the SC E Concept is worth a look, featuring an attractive design featuring smooth lines that extend beautifully from front to rear. The front fascia proudly flaunts a commanding headlamp that is seamlessly integrated with the turn indicators. Additionally, the wheels of the scooter appear to be quite large, possibly measuring an impressive 14 inches, providing an impressive road presence. The wheel design gives a premium feel, reflecting the sophistication of the well-crafted seat. Furthermore, the e-scooter offers ample floorboard space and has a beautifully designed side stand.

Electric Activa

Honda India has confirmed its commitment to developing the Activa Electric, with strong indications pointing towards the use of the SC E Concept’s platform as its foundation. While the SC E Concept dazzles with its remarkable styling, it may be considered a bit extravagant for the typical Activa consumer. Still, Honda’s vision for the future of electric scooters appears promising, and anticipation for the Activa Electric continues to grow.

Furthermore, it is worth mentioning that Honda’s initial electric vehicle, expected to be the Activa Electric, will be available for purchase in March 2024. Following this, another vehicle is set to be launched in September of the subsequent year. These upcoming electric two-wheelers will be manufactured locally at Honda’s Narsapura plant in Karnataka to manage production costs effectively. Honda’s goal is to surpass the production milestone of one million electric vehicles by 2030.


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