Hero Electric Optima battery price and replacement cost

Electric Optima is a popular electric scooter launched by Hero, which is known for its affordable price. The scooter is economical, but is its battery also equally economical? Let us know about Hero Electric Optima battery price and replacement cost.

Hero Electric Optima comes in two variants, Optima CX 2.0, and Optima CX 5.0. Both variants come with different battery capacities and ranges. The price of all battery packs varies according to battery capacity.

Hero Electric Optima battery capacity

Hero Optima CX 2.02 kWh
Hero Optima CX 5.03 kWh

Battery Technology

The battery of Hero Electric Optima is equipped with Hibernating technology. Which means that when the vehicle is not in use, its battery gets completely shut-off and isolated. Apart from this, it is equipped with a unique low power consumption feature.

Hero Electric Optima battery price

Hero Optima CX 2.0Rs 35,000 – 40,000
Hero Optima CX 5.0Rs 55,000 – 60,000

Electric Optima battery warranty

Hero is giving a warranty of 4 years or 40000 km on the battery of Optima. If your scooter is in the warranty period, you will not have to pay any charges for the battery.

Hero Electric Optima battery replacement cost

The battery of Hero Electric Optima is easy to replace. The company is giving 4 years free service on optima. If you replace your battery within this time period, you will not have to pay any fee for the service.

If you replace the battery after 4 years, you may have to pay only Rs 500 to 1000 as service cost.

Electric Optima Battery Price Basis

A user on X has shared a photo of the price of Ola battery, in which the price of Ola’s 3 kWh battery has been given as Rs 66 thousand. According to many other EV companies, the price of 1 kWh battery ranges from 15 to 20 thousand, which depends on the battery technology, shield and company.

Note: Hero electric optima battery price is just an estimate which may be different from the actual Hero electric optima price. The company has not yet officially revealed the price of the battery.

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